Swelling of the nursing mother

Stagnation of milk from a nursing mother (lactostasis) is a fairly common phenomenon. The reasons for the stagnation, as well as the ways to solve the problem, will be explained by our article.

What is the stagnation of milk?

Stagnation of milk (lactostasis) is the obstruction of the ductThe mammary gland, which comes as a result of the lack of movement of milk. In the field of the formation of milk "plug" there is edema, which develops into a firm seal, painful on palpation. Very often stagnation is accompanied by an increase in body temperature.

The causes of the stagnation of milk

The causes of the problem can be:
• Breastfeeding with partial ignoring of the second
• Feeding in the same position
• The habit of sleeping on one side
• Wearing a close bra
• Performing certain homework (hanging laundry on a tightly stretched laundry rope, etc.)
• Chronic fatigue and lack of sleep
• Abuse of fatty foods, which increases the viscosity of milk
• Changing seasons with changing temperature and atmospheric pressure
• Active loss of body fluids (most often observed in hot summer)
• Expressing milk after each of the feedings

It is worth noting that it is still necessary for the mother to be expressed, but only from time to time and provided that unpleasant sensations appear in the chest (densification, heaviness).

How to get rid of stagnant milk?

If there is a stagnant milk in the breast,to change the position of the child when feeding - the baby empties that portion of the chest to which his chin is pointed. To feed in this period it is necessary often, offering the child mainly "the suffered" breasts. Do not also give up night feeding.

If there is no temperature or if it is just beginningyou can put a warm compress on the area with a seal (no longer than 5-10 minutes) or take a warm shower. After this, you need to gently massage the painful area (it is permissible to lubricate the skin with baby cream or oil, which will help to slide the hand and protect you from excessive soreness). Then it is recommended to express the milk, apply for a short while to the baby's breast and at the end for 5-10 minutes apply a cool compress (this will relieve swelling). You can conduct this procedure not more than three times a day.

Cold compress options:
• Slightly chopped cabbage leaf (juice should not go directly to the nipple)
• Honey cake made from honey and rye flour
• Cool low-fat cottage cheese

Any of the compresses should be kept for about 20 minutes.

When milk is stagnant it is impossible:
- wean the baby from the breast;
- Warm your chest without immediate pumping;
- use alcohol to get rid of the problem,camphor and ointment Vishnevsky (alcohol and ointment can lead to the formation of a purulent abscess, and camphor - to stop the formation of milk in the treated area).

Be sure to consult a doctor (mammologist,gynecologist) if the compaction does not decrease for several days, and also if the temperature lasts longer than a day. In this case, a specialist will assess your condition and, if necessary, offer physiotherapy and medication (there are antibiotics compatible with feeding).