Swelling after stroke treatment

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Hello. My mother (73 years old) was ill on June 16, 2008. Diagnosis. discirculatory encephalopathy of the 2nd stage of a mixed genesis with a mildly expressed syndrome of vestibulopathy, unstable course, subcompensation. The condition after ischemic stroke in the vertebral-basilar system of 16.06.08 in the form of moderately expressed left-sided hemiparesis, atactic syndrome. Hypertensive disease III st, the course of IHD. Atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis. Hyperopterism on the left. (From the extract)
The treatment took place in the Central Clinical Hospital of Khimki and in the 6th Central Clinical Hospital of Moscow.
Conducted treatment. diet, exercise therapy, normodepin, concor, thrombotic ass, phenotropil, insstenon, cerebrolysin, akatinol. Semax. massage. magnetotherapy, electromagnetic stimulation, HBO.
Now he accepts: akatinol. thrombotic ass, normodipine. fesam, concor, trental.
After discharge from the hospital hospital becameact hand. walks, climbs the stairs (often does not work elevator), but recently there was a pain in the shoulder joint - it's painful to raise your hand and take it to the side. Strongly swollen leg. there was a weight. stiffness. the feeling of "woodenness" made it difficult to walk. Appealed for advice to the surgeon - sent to a neurologist, and a neurologist to a surgeon.
Tell me, what can cause swelling of the foot. how can I take off the heaviness and pain in my limbs.
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Stroke directly can not cause swelling.
It is necessary to think about indirect influence: due to a violation of muscle tone or sensitivity disorders, the limb is constantly in a non-physiological position, the vein outstretched and thereby causing a violation of the outflow of blood and the development of edema.

Requires first attention of the patient andsurrounding, and a little common sense: to see and understand what a typical position of the limb. and what needs to be changed in the habits and movements to improve the blood flow in the limb.

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Thanks for the answer.
Sensitivity in the leg is, but most recentlyMom says that there was a feeling of heaviness and tingling. He puts his foot right, walks a little limp. The apartment sometimes walks without a wand. Flexion in joints does not cause pain. When massage the leg is at rest, and earlier there were involuntary movements. Freely moves his fingers on his leg. When the leg begins to ache, it lays down - the leg raises - the unpleasant sensations decrease.
The diet follows the diet number 10
. There was a suspicion of diabetes, but he was ruled out (we continue to measure sugar now).
Advise - in the mother's condition, you can try unloading diets, they will not harm? We read about the rice unloading day - we want to start with it.
Serious problems with the veins were not, but we will try to act in this direction.
Among the drugs there are no diuretics - maybe in part this is also the problem.

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The leg puts it right. walks a little limp.

You need to watch not so much on setting the foot atwalking, how many on small displacements of the thigh at rest, primarily near the hip joint. As a rule, edema occurs with hypertension of the adductor muscle of the thigh; it almost does not affect the gait and is not very noticeable from the side, the leg is shifted literally by one centimeter relative to the pelvis, a centimeter closer to the center - the varus position. To train your leg, you can use a simple exercise: the handkerchief is crocked, placed between the hips while standing, and you need to learn how to relax your hips without spreading your feet so that the handkerchief falls.

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you can try unloading diets, they will not harm?

Everything needs a reasonable approach - if from foodExclude important vitamins and trace elements, weakened the body can cause irreparable harm. Rice unloading day, if not abused, is useful. But in any case, consult a nutritionist.

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Thanks for the exercise, included it in our workouts.
Can we connect a massage. a break in massage for more than a month - since the stroke prof. Massage was done with a break of 2 weeks and problems with swelling. numbness was not.
I want to get your advice about drugs and injections.
You can now start taking Huatos Boluses (doctors did not advise him to combine with akatinol, and the last appointment this week).
Is it now possible to put drippers?

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Can we connect a massage