Edema from Yarina

when there is a weight loss effect.

Dottore Master (2077) 7 years ago

Apparently all depends differently onindividual hormonal background. Voobshche Yaryna relates to monophasic combined estrogen-progestin OK new component comprises drospirenone, progesterone analogue, and has antimineralkortikoidnym action, ie. E able to prevent increase in body weight and other symptoms (edema naprimer-). associated with the hormone-induced fluid retention. I took Yasmin within six months of the reception had lost 3 kg, the weight began to fall off during the reception of the second package, improve skin condition. In the first month of the reception was a little nausea and a bad mood, which then disappeared and I no longer felt any discomfort. As soon as she stopped taking Yarin, she immediately took the 3 kg.

A source: The doctor herself + personal experience

hu-mei Enlightened (21861) 7 years ago

from yarina tits grow - this is a fact. but neither get fat from it nor lose weight.

mayalp Guru (2788) 7 years ago

I drank Yarin for 3 months. I did not notice any changes at all. Neither lost weight nor grew fat, the problem (for which they appointed Yarin) also did not dare.

Adek Vaten Profi (840) 7 years ago

my wife lost 3 kg in the 1st month

marina sokolova Profi (778) 7 years ago

at work the girl drank yarin for a year and nothing at allshe did not grow up only her doctor told her that she needed something else now why I do not remember. Whether to have a rest that not to get used. Now the band-aid has stuck as effect I do not know. if it works so far it means everything is fine.

Irina The Thinker (9437) 7 years ago

Accepted Jeanine - recovered, BUT! No matter how corny it was edema))) I'm inclined to them alas, and Zhanin had to refuse. Did you notice that your weight grows when the pills from the packaging are already coming to an end? is a fluid retention in the body. Many women are mistaken thinking that this is overweight. Jarina just helps not to accumulate excess fluid in the body - that's all the wonders of losing weight at the expense of Yarina, simply the water no longer sits on the "fattened" calves of legs, hips, waist. And to collect at the expense of water weight in 3-5 kg ​​before the beginning of menstruation - really. And few know what to find out their correct, real weight can only be from the 3rd to the 10th day of menstruation - during this period, excess fluid from the body is withdrawn.
But not at all, it's OK. It all depends on the individual characteristics. Someone and Zhanin is doing well. but someone from Yarina is bad.

Yulia the Kitten Master (1183) 7 years ago

Recently, I stopped taking Yarina, I tookOctober to December (3 cycles). Has added 17kg and a bust almost 4 size. But now the glory of God has already lost 7 kg. The instructions also say that it is possible to change the weight.