Fatty edema treatment

Edemas are a common thing in our life along with abrasions, wounds, bruises, rarely - but still happen in the life of every person.

There are cases when the emerging edema is only visiblesome time, and then completely disappear, but not always. The best way to quickly get rid of the annoying swelling is to use such a drug as a gel from swelling. In this case, it will perform a dual function: it will cool, which will bring you considerable relief, and at the same time relieve you of swelling. Today there is a great variety of gels that can quickly remove symptoms.

One of the best gels for the treatment of edema and notonly, is a Tri-roll gel. Its formula with active substances allows in the shortest possible time to remove all signs of swelling of the skin tissue. It contains such active substances that explain the properties of this gel: Novaftem-O2 - an active oxygen complex, which helps saturate the blood of oxygen, thereby restoring blood circulation in the vessels.

Regu®-Age - a complex based on plantesters that promote skin elasticity and elasticity, and also improves microcirculation of the vessels thereby reducing swelling. Sale gel from swelling in bottles with a special dispenser. Rinse until completely rubbed into the skin.

No less effective gel for edema is Lyoton, butit contributes not only to the removal of symptoms of edema, but also to its treatment. Its composition contributes to the restoration of the surface of the veins with varicose enlargement, thrombophlebitis, periphoebitis, phlebothrombosis, which are the causes of swelling. Lyton consists of such substances as carbomer 940, ethanol, methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, lavender oil, propyl-p-hydroxybenzoate, triethanolamine, nerol oil, purified water. Apply 3-10 cm of the gel from swelling from 1 to 3 times a day, gently rubbing into the surface of the skin. The period of treatment depends on the degree and form of the severity of the edema. All these medicines must be dispensed without prescriptions.

Puffiness is fairly commona woman's problem. The causes of edema in women can be diverse: violations of the human body, monthly. Swelling of the contours of the face, as well as bags under the eyes, and in the evening - boots that do not fasten. In this article, we will consider which diet can be used to avoid edema and to reduce it.

To facilitate the removal of fluid from the body andreduce puffiness, you can take advantage of special diets. Such diets help to eliminate excess fat and can be useful to the patient who suffer from obesity, worsening endocrine system function, and also to people who experience shortage of movement throughout the day.

Diet with swelling is able to provokeexacerbation of chronic diseases, therefore before you try them, you must always consult a doctor. Together with swelling, too much weight can be lost: almost every restriction in nutrition is directed both at the general improvement of the human body and on eliminating excess kilograms.

What diet will help with swelling?

There are many options for treating edema with a diet: fatty, proteinaceous, meat-fish, vegetarian, liquid, mixed. Let's consider some of them:

Tea diet. It is desirable for diseases of the intestines and stomach, can be accompanied by edema of the internal organs. During the day, you should drink six or seven glasses of not very strong tea with added sugar;

Apple diet with swelling. Pretty useful for every organ and system. Apple juice allows you to remove slag from the body, has a mild diuretic effect, and also causes elimination of the accumulated fluid from the tissue. We need about 2 kg of fresh apples per day, preferably not very sweet. You can also make a salad of fruits with the addition of lemon juice, sweet roots and low-fat mayonnaise;

For the treatment of edema, drink five or six a dayglasses of milk, not more than 300 grams of boiled lean beef and about 70 grams of fresh vegetables. Each product should be divided into small portions. Meat during the diet is replaced with fish fillets;

Oat diet for the treatment of edema. Such a diet is desirable in the case of all types of diabetes mellitus, in case of obesity, cardiac dysfunction. During the day, you should eat about half a kilo of oatmeal, which are cooked in water without the addition of oil and salt. Food should be consumed in small portions. You can wash the porridge with a rose hip broth or herbal tea.

Effective treatment of edema folk remedies:

In a bucket of cold water, you need to dissolve the packagerock salt, dip a terry towel into the solution, then squeeze it lightly and apply it to the waist of the patient. Repeat the procedure ten times. Soon a strong release of urine begins, and swelling will subside.

When we talk about the treatment of edema folkmeans, then we mean an effective decoction of flax seeds. Use four tablespoons of seeds per liter of water. You need to boil for 10-15 minutes. Close the pan and put in a warm place. Let the hour fade. This folk remedy can not be set. You can add lemon or other juice for taste. Drink half the glass after 2 hours 6-8 times a day. The result will be achieved after 2-3 weeks. It is desirable to drink hot.

The swelling of the lower limbs also depends onthe state of the capillaries. Thickening, spasm of small vessels cause a violation of exchange between cells. Often, leg swelling is a manifestation of heart disease, kidney, liver or blood vessels. In these situations, you need to treat the main diseases. When edema is local, you need to wash the intestines. You can prepare such a folk remedy as a decoction based on white radish: 400 grams per liter of water with a teaspoon of salt, boil for ten minutes, cool and drink as water.

In the case of foot tumors, you can use the baths on the basis of strong decoction of the grass.

In case of leg swelling, you can wrap your feet with a band-aid based on olive oil, wax and water. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Forest flesh is used for cookingpeople's remedy for swelling. If the cause of the onset of edema is not clear, try using the help of a fossil. It will strengthen the vascular walls and has a strong diuretic effect. The plant will allow you to throw out of your head diuretics used to relieve swelling. The name of the plant is unusual. However, each of us often met him in the meadows and in the woods. You can look into the various reference books on the grass, find there a picture of the forest foothills, to immediately remember it. For the treatment of edema, brew a tablespoon of raw material with a glass of boiling water, boil for half an hour in a water bath, insist 20 minutes, filter through two or three gauze layers and bring the volume of boiled water to the original. Take this folk remedy on a tablespoon three times a day for half an hour before meals. You can add young leaves of the fossil to salads. A leaflets of a mature kupyrya better before taking it for one or two minutes in boiling water.

Garlic for the treatment of edema. This prescription of treatment may not be to your liking, but it's a pretty effective medicine. Interrupt the garlic head to obtain a homogeneous mass. Then you need to add a small amount of urine to it and this mixture needs to rub the body. Put on your pajamas from cotton and go to bed. Do the procedures at night, because the remedy will be effective after 6 hours.

To treat edema, you need to brew in 200 mltwo tablespoons of stalk of corn. Wrap in a towel and allow to infuse for three hours. Drink one spoon before meals for a week.

Effective from the swelling is a mask of potatoes: a potato gruel is wrapped in gauze and holds on the face for 30 minutes. Then soak the skin with chamomile infusion. Execute the procedure every week two or three times.

For weight loss and to eliminate swelling (asdiuretic) will also help the next broth: per liter of water, two tablespoons of sugar, four crushed parsley root and greens. Boil on low heat for 20 minutes, cool. Drink for the treatment of edema three times a day for half a glass.

Puffiness on the legs, hands and even the face arisedue to the fact that the excess fluid accumulates in the tissues. Most often this is due to insufficient venous outflow. Venous insufficiency can appear as a result of venous disease - varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, and also as a symptom of heart failure. Edema on the feet can appear in those people whose work is associated with constant standing, standing, carrying heavy loads or walking fast. If it is impossible to avoid an increased strain on the feet during the day, it is important to know how to deal with swelling without causing harm to one's health.

Strong swellings - what to do?

For the treatment of edema of the legs,stimulating the venous circulation. They can be produced in the form of lotions, creams or gels. Such means are better used in combination with other restorative measures. After a hard day, you need to lie down for a while with slightly raised legs, before going to bed you can make contrasting foot baths with a decoction of toning herbs, for example, chestnut or ginkgo biloba. These herbs are often included in the composition of special ointments and folk remedies.

In cases where not only the feet swell, but alsohands and even face, then it can talk about the presence of chronic kidney disease. Before you choose how to get rid of severe swelling, you need to consult a doctor and find out their exact cause.

If the increased puffiness is associated with the kidneys, thenFirst of all, it is necessary to adjust the water balance, eliminate excessive fluid intake. To remove edema is often recommended to take diuretics. Most experts today are advised to first try special herbal collections based on horsetail, black currant leaves, cowberry, hips or juniper, as a softer. The use of chemical medicines for the treatment of edema becomes necessary in the event that swelling lasts a long time and is accompanied by cramps and severe pain. Usually, for the removal of edema, furosemide or hypothiazide is prescribed. To normalize the function of the kidneys and urinary system, it is recommended to take drugs such as kanefron or phytolite, which soften the inflammation and prevent the appearance of edema.

How to remove severe swelling?

Dried apricots for the treatment of severe edema

From edemas and their effects, it helpsdried apricots. It would seem a simple fruit, but so much good. To prepare a drink from edema, you should pour a gram of dry dried apricots with one glass of boiling water. Leave to infuse for four hours. Then it is necessary to filter the infusion and consume half a glass a day. For this dried fruit is characterized by a good diuretic effect, it is not for nothing that apricot is used to relieve edema and pain in the legs. Well, the edema itself can appear for many reasons, including problems with the cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys. It is also necessary to pay attention to dried apricots in winter. The fact is that it is able not only to remove excess water from the body, but also to store it with necessary minerals, vitamins and macro elements. Among the useful substances of dried apricots can be allocated a large amount of iron, calcium, carotene, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B5. Drinking dried apricots has a positive effect on the state of the gastrointestinal tract.

For this, it is necessary to spread the feet with honey (notto regret), from above to wind a tight and dense bandage (but not too tight, it is necessary to take into account the state of the cardiovascular system in the elderly). With it you need to pass a day. After a day it is removed, honey should be washed off with warm water. Then again repeat the procedure, and so again 5 - 6. At the end of this time, the general condition of a person improves, it becomes easier to walk, the pain disappears (by the way - this compress is also indicated for osteochondrosis of the spine).

Baths for getting rid of edema

Contrast baths for feet most oftenUsed for fatigue of the feet. To do this, prepare two basins (bowls), which pour hot and cold water separately. And alternately we dip our foot in that basin, then in the other, necessarily finishing in the cold one. As a supplement, you can add lime-colored and a teaspoon of table salt. After treatment with this folk remedy, you will forget that your legs are aching.

Side effects of treatment and drugs

Often in the list of recommendations how to get rid ofstrong edema, you can find indications that the constant intake of diuretics can adversely affect the work of the cardiovascular system. This is partly true. Simultaneous administration of drugs containing potassium, for example, panangin or asparcomb, helps to reduce the negative effect. An alternative to taking such drugs may well be a diet that involves the consumption of foods with high potassium content - cottage cheese, pumpkin, buckwheat, tomato juice and baked potatoes.

Severe edema on the legs and hands may occuras a side effect of taking medications, reducing pressure, for example, Corinfar, Nicardia and others. In this case, swelling is usually removed with the help of diuretics. Another thing, if swelling occurs after taking anti-inflammatory drugs. Then the drug should be stopped immediately and consult a doctor.

The cause of the appearance of edema is diverse: some appear due to the effects of allergens on the human body in the air, animal hair, pollen of flowers or in food, others due to bites of different insects, animals, others as a result of fatigue, and also as complication for certain types of diseases associated with kidneys, liver heart and endocrine system.

Most causes of leg swelling, for example,prolonged sitting, standing or trauma, are not so dangerous, and the doctor easily recognizes them. However, sometimes swelling of the legs is provoked by more significant causes, including heart disease, or a thrombus. When the swelling of the legs develop for unknown reasons, or are accompanied by unrelated signs, including complicated breathing, or pain in the chest, then timely treatment and diagnosis are important. In any case, when there is edema, the first question arises: "How to remove it?"

All swelling can be classified based on theirpathogenesis, that is, at the stage of development. Also it should be noted that several pathogenetic factors influence the development of edema in real life. The following are the possible types of edema.

Cachectic - the type of edema that occurs inthe result of violations in the work of the cardiovascular system or with the exhaustion of the body. Edema is caused by increased capillary permeability, the pressure in which is increased due to a decrease in the albumin protein content in the blood.

Hydramic - this type of edema occurs as a consequence of impaired kidney function; accumulates excess fluid.

Neuropathic - a kind of edema that occurs against the background of diseases such as diabetes and alcoholism.

Mechanical - are the result of various injuries or other force effects.

Quincke's edema is also known asangioedema, which manifests itself as an allergic reaction as a result of exposure to various allergens. These allergens can be contained in various foods, in the air in the form of dust, in animal hair and pollen of flowers. As a rule, this kind of edema spreads on the surface of the face and mouth, on the limbs, as well as in the pleural and abdominal cavities. Quincke's edema is very dangerous, especially in cases of swelling of the tongue, as when swelling, it barely fits in the mouth and can block the airways, which will lead to strangulation.

Why are different types of edema formed?

Different types of edema can also occur in the backgroundvarious diseases. So, with diseases of the cardiovascular system, edema formation testifies to obvious cardiac insufficiency. And the appearance of edemas in the region of the waist or in the anterior cavity of the abdominal area indicates a neglected stage of liver cirrhosis. Thus, the causes of the onset of edema can also indicate the presence of any serious diseases associated with impairment of the functions of internal organs of life, so do not be so lightheartedly treat them: consult a doctor for advice.