Edema in the cores

Every fifth patient complains of swellinglimbs, rarely - eyes and body. In modern society, swelling is mostly thoughtless. Women consider the problem seasonal and purely cosmetic, and men generally do not pay attention to it, linking body changes only with fatigue.

As you know, a person approximately 70% consists ofwater. About 2/3 of the total volume of fluid is inside the cells, 1/3 - in the intercellular space. Increase in the volume fraction of water and is an edema. Doctors say that swelling manifests from the outside, when the fluid retention in the body is more than two liters.

It is common knowledge that the same symptoms can be observed with various diseases, the same can be said about swelling.

Edema is a "cardiac" problem

There are many causes of edema, not all of them are safe for the human body and in any case is an occasion to turn to specialists.

Edema can be generalized, i.e. appear in separate places or local. From the place and time of their appearance, the future diagnosis often depends. For example, in people with a sick heart, edema causes the development of heart failure. In the "cores" edema appear gradually, accompanied by shortness of breath, are always symmetrical: first the feet and lower legs, and then the edema can rise to the hips or lower back. In the case of the slightest suspicion that the origin of edema is associated with cardiac problems, the doctor will instruct the patient to undergo an ultrasound examination and an electrocardiogram, and also will write a direction for the tests. When confirming the diagnosis, which indicates heart failure, prescribe appropriate treatment, which includes diuretics and those whose actions are aimed at improving blood circulation and strengthening the heart muscle.

Edema - the problem of "renal"

Kidneys - unique in its structure and functionsthe human body, which is entrusted with the mission of filtering blood and removing fluid from the human body. On the problems with the kidneys testify soft dough-like edema, which appear in the morning after sleep and mostly on the face, eyelids and hands. According to experts, in this case, the cause of edema is the retention of sodium in the body, along with which water is also retained.

To know for sure that this is not a problem withkidneys, the expert will advise to pass or take place US, to hand over the analysis of a blood on biochemistry, the general analysis wet, and in case of need, analyzes on Nechiporenko and on Zimnitskim. In every city there are hospitals where you can take these tests. St. Petersburg is no exception.

Edema is a "vascular" problem

When the swelling occurs in the area of ​​the ankles, on the legsvascular reticulums are visible, and by the evening in the lower extremities there is a sensation of gravity, it is necessary to address to the doctor-phlebologist. As the Aesculapius notes, in the case of constant swelling of the legs, their continuous buzzing and the appearance of lungs by the court at night, there is a risk of developing thrombophlebitis. Sometimes the cause of edema of the legs is a failure in the operation of the valvular apparatus of the veins, then the venous blood is unable to move to the heart at the required speed and in sufficient quantity. Then doctors diagnose varicose veins.

Often leg swelling occurs in people whose workis associated with a constant stay on the feet, prolonged walking or carrying a large weight. Improperly improperly selected shoes. To clarify the diagnosis and the appropriate treatment, Doppler ultrasound examination of the veins of the lower extremities is performed.

Edema is a problem of "fatigue"

In general, the appearance of edema in healthy people -the phenomenon is quite normal, doctors say. They appear even in young women, working hairdressers or sellers, at the end of the day. During a long stay in a vertical position, the pressure in the capillaries of the feet increases, which is precisely what explains the slight swelling of the lower extremities. Help to get rid of such troubles rest on the couch with raised legs and applying cream-gel for tired feet on a plant basis.

When overwork, lack of sleep, drinking alcohol at night and smoking - prepare to admire the morning swelling on the face. Then cryomassage will help.

Cryomassage is the rubbing of the face with ice cubestincture of medicinal plants. The best way to remove puffiness is lime tea. You can also use special anti-edema masks for the face, which are sold in the pharmacy chain. Many people know and popular recipes, namely compresses from fresh grated potatoes or cucumber.