Products cleaning swelling

The period of pregnancy in women is not accompanied byonly positive emotions and attention of loved ones, as well as some less pleasant phenomena, for example, swelling of the hands, feet, face, and in some cases - the loins and abdomen.

In most cases, puffiness appears in thethe second half of the gestation period. First of all, before removing swelling during pregnancy, you need to determine: it's edema physiological or pathological. Physiological edema occurs due to malnutrition, consumption of salt, fried, spicy food. To provoke edema may be physical overload, stress, hot weather and consumption of large amounts of fluid.

How to remove swelling in pregnancy?

In the treatment of physiological swelling in pregnancynot necessary. It is enough to take a horizontal position and relax. After a while, the symptoms of swelling will disappear. If you do not know how to reduce swelling in pregnancy, then first of all you need to balance your diet, limit the use of liquid to 1, 5 - 2 liters per day (but not less than one liter), adjust your diet, limiting primarily the use salt. For the period of pregnancy, a woman should gain 8-12 kg. After the twentieth week, the weight of the pregnant woman increases by 300-350 g per week. If this figure is significantly higher, then this may be a symptom of pathological puffiness.

Do not need to self-heal and takepills from swelling during pregnancy. The remedy for edema during pregnancy should be recommended by the doctor from whom you are observed. After the examination and the delivery of the necessary tests, you may be offered to take some time safe during pregnancy, a diuretic from swelling. These are preparations with a plant base, for example, Kanefron, Phytolysin, Euphyllinum.

Edema during pregnancy and folk remedies

To remove swelling help, first of all, grated berries cranberries and cranberries, flooded with water. This drug should be taken half a cup three times a day.

Also, recipes of traditional medicine will prompt how to drive swelling during pregnancy with the help of herbs: leaves and buds of birch, horsetail, leafletsbearberry. But do not get involved in diuretic herbs. since they can disrupt the water-salt balance of the body. And then from the body, along with "excess" water, calcium and other beneficial substances necessary for the body to work properly will be excreted. In this case, it is important not only to know how to drive swelling during pregnancy, but not to harm the mother's body and the baby's health.

If you suffer from swelling, then you should knowlist of useful products from edema during pregnancy: zucchini, cucumber, fresh carrots, lean meat, lean fish and sour-milk products. Also you can do a set of exercises from swelling during pregnancy. For this you can visit the pool, at home you can practice light gymnastics, regularly go for a walk.