Swelling from lack of sleep

Not enough time to sleep? Consequences of chronic lack of sleep

Sleep is a very important regular processrecovery of the body. During sleep, our body relaxes and rests from everyday activities. It's enough to sleep 7-8 hours a day to feel yourself cheerful and energetic for the next day. However, the most common problem of our time is chronic lack of sleep.

The bulk of people. not paying enough attention to healthysleep, is young people from 18 to 35 years. Hoping to have time to do a lot of things or visiting night clubs, they easily sacrifice sleep. A lot of people are suffering from a lack of sleep and among people of mature age. They work nights or watch TV, jokingly declaring, "I'll have time to sleep off in my coffin." If this applies to your health, then really, eternal peace will not take long.

In recent years, scientists of all countries began to pay great attention to the study ofinfluence of lack of sleep on health and external beauty of a person. According to research conducted by American scientists, a couple of sleepless nights leads to mental overwork of a person, and he ceases to think normally. In other words, in the absence of sleep for 36 hours a person can no longer adequately perceive reality.

Chronic lack of sleep also destructively affects the workof the human brain. Lack of sleep leads to overfatigue of the body and deterioration of mental ability, as a result of which people often make ill-considered and wrong decisions. In addition, researchers from the University of Chicago found that chronic lack of sleep contributes to the development of hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

For experiment young people aged 20-25 were invitedyears, which for 7 days slept only 3 4 hours a day. The results of the tests taken before and after the experiment showed that even a week's lack of sleep leads to a weakening of the immune system, poor digestion of food and assimilation of carbohydrates. "Whoever sleeps is sick more often and dies before others," the scientists say.

When lack of sleep increases the release of stress hormones andthe balance between hormones stimulating appetite and produced fatty tissues is disturbed. Hormonal imbalances in the body lead to excessive consumption of food and obesity. Chronic lack of sleep also has a destructive effect on the body, as is the sitting lifestyle, unbalanced nutrition and smoking. "Let each morning you exercise morning exercises, eat only high-quality foods rich in vitamins, but all this will go down if you only sleep five hours a day," the scientists say.

For every person exist its need for sleep. depending on his way of life and kind of activity. Japanese scientists have proved that "larks" are more likely to suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system than "owls." The conclusion made by them will be pleasant to everyone who does not like to be engaged in morning gymnastics. "Those who get up very early and do morning exercises are most likely not doing any good to their health," they say, "It is most likely that this morning's load only increases the risk of heart and vascular disease." Apparently, you need to do physical exercises in the evening, and not in the morning, forcing yourself to get up early from bed.

Study of influence lack of sleep on relations between spouses was conductedAmerican scientists. In the experiment, 35 married couples under the age of 30 participated. Participants of the experiment wrote down in the diary for 10 days how they had relations with their partner the day after lack of sleep and good sleep. As the results showed, couples who do not pay enough attention and time to sleep, most often blame their partner for failures and find out the relationship. Bad mood and dissatisfaction with the partner was mostly exhibited by sleepy wives, and the conflict in the families of men does not affect the lack of sleep.

In short, not despise if you want to live in peace and love withpartner, keep health and look beautiful. A person who does not sleep regularly, is more emotional and irritable. He quickly breaks down on trifles and creates problems in his life. Chronic lack of sleep negatively affects the appearance, because the circles under the eyes, the swelling of the face, red eyes due to overwork and a tired look do not add any attraction.

Do not say that you are already used to sleep less than 5 hours daily and now notfeel no fatigue. Researches of scientists have shown, that to a lack of sleep the organism can not get used, even if the person will sleep a little all life. In a period of lack of sleep, he simply lives a life that could be much better if he spent a lot more time sleeping.