Edema with a double

Pregnancy of twins is simply an incredible burden on the female body, which requires constant and close attention to the surrounding and medical control over the process of gestation.

Pregnancy test for twins

Due to the fact that twins in the motherthe womb is given twice as much as the hormone GHC, the pregnancy test will be positive from the very first application. The presence of fertilization will be marked by a greasy and clear strip on the test tape.

Toxicosis in pregnancy twins

Almost half of all pregnant women undergothrough all the painful sensations of toxicosis, manifested by nausea and vomiting. Affected by these phenomena and mothers, nurturing several children. It happens that the signs of toxicosis are manifested in a more intense form, and sometimes it is absent altogether.

Sensations in pregnancy twins

Pregnancy of twins in the earlydoes not differ from the usual "traditional", and is not characterized by any distinctive features. After some time, Mom can feel a stronger and more painful engorgement of the mammary glands, quickly get tired and feel an increased need for food.

Nutrition during pregnancy twins

There may be acute iron deficiency, coverwhich is necessary with the help of products containing this element and specially designed preparations. In the rest, the ration remains the same as in normal pregnancy, but it is necessary to instruct the dietician to make it up. It is necessary to strictly control the weight gain in the pregnancy of twins, since abnormalities from the norm are fraught with the difficulties of gestation and delivery.

Belly in pregnancy twins

There is an intensive growth of the tummy thatwill be clearly indicated already by the 11th week, which can be considered one of the signs of pregnancy of twins. By the 14th week it rises and becomes big. By the 18th week the stomach starts to bring certain inconveniences and pain in the lumbar region. In advance it is necessary to learn from your obstetrician how to sleep in the pregnancy of twins, and what physical activity should be avoided. Doctors recommend practicing sleep on the side, especially on the left. It makes sense to put pillows to help you take a comfortable pose for relaxation.

Swelling in pregnancy twins

It is worth to prepare for the fact that edema will be moreStronger than with one child. This is due to a sharp increase in the weight of a woman, the amount of fluid and food consumed, doubled the load on the kidneys and the increasing pressure in the vessels. Probably, it is necessary to pass a course of medicamentous support of an organism or to use national means for deducing of an excess liquid.

There are such risks and peculiarities of pregnancy as:

  • overgrowth of the walls of the uterus;
  • anemia;
  • the need to comply with diet and rest;
  • constant medical supervision;
  • severe late toxicosis in pregnancy;
  • frequent presence of backwardness of physical development in both fetuses, which requires medical intervention in the early stages;
  • vices in the development of babies and stuff.

Pregnancy of twins after cesarean

Such bearing is possible after 2-3 years after the section, if there is a trench held. The second twin pregnancy in This case is under vigilant medical supervision and, as a rule, ends with the second operation of cesarean. However, no one denies the possibility of delivery on their own.

Pregnancy of twins after IVF

As a result of medical observations,increase in cases of multiple pregnancy, if it appeared in the case of artificial insemination. ECO-pregnancy of twins is considered a pathology and is excluded at the request of the patient by reducing the embryos transferred to the uterus.