Potatoes relieve swelling

Many of us have probably experienced puffinessthe morning of the face. Such a phenomenon is quite possible in cases when there is an excessive fluid consumption, and it is very easy to cope with this - you should try to drink tea, water or drinks at least three hours before bedtime. But what if the puffiness is permanent and caused by some kind of disturbances in the body? remove How swelling and what steps to take, more so as not to face this problem?

Solutions that modern offerscosmetology, it is enough to cope with this task. But before home to resort to or industrial cosmetic means of puffiness against the face, it is important to understand why the body accumulates an excessive amount of fluid and what are the factors that can be caused.

Cause of the cause: persons and risk factors

The swelling of the face is caused first of all by excessiveaccumulation of fluid in tissue extracellular spaces. As already mentioned, this can only be a consequence of excess fluid consumption before bed. But there are also more serious causes that can provoke puffiness of skin integuments, - diseases of internal organs and systems are the main one.

To an organism pathologies which can provoke persons an edema, concern:

  1. Heart disease, for example, heart failure. In this case, edema appears due to stagnation blood and they are accompanied by shortness of breath caused by oxygen Diseases.
  2. starvation of the vascular system. In this case, the face of the edema is accompanied by a cyanotic shade of cutaneous Diseases.
  3. cover the kidneys, for example, nephritis. This is the most common cause of swelling, in which the amount of maximum fluid accumulates around the eyes, and the eyelid becomes pale and soft to the touch.

Until the time of the latter it was believed that the diseaseit is the organs of these and the systems of the human body that can be provoked by the face. Nevertheless, for today's day doctors associate puffiness including with gastrointestinal diseases-intestinal tract. At the same time, the overwhelming number of patients who complained of morning face swelling suffered from a lack of protein in the diet.

To factors of the rest of the risk that can causeface edema, can include: improper nutrition, lack, vitamins overwork, insomnia or lack of sleep. If, therefore, you constantly suffer from puffiness, first you should turn to the clinic for the statement to try, and not the diagnosis yourself, to decide how to remove the swelling from your face with domestic improvised methods. less not That, if puffiness is periodic it is possible, character quickly to get rid of it, observing simple simple rules.

Puffiness prevention is the guarantee of the result of an excellent

The first and, perhaps, the most important one, onthe moment is worth paying attention if there is a swelling of the face the next morning - the amount consumed is the maximum. Her salt daily allowance should not exceed 3 g. In cases of individual, to get rid of swelling of the skin can, need a salt-free diet, appoint a qualified specialist. Also, edema can cause a person to call smoked foods, canned food and high-food-containing trans fats.

So, if you want to get rid ofmorning swelling, start with the correct organization of the diet. It should be saturated with fruits and vegetables that have a diuretic effect, apples, such as carrots, citrus fruits, etc. The last meal should be taken at least three to four hours before bedtime.

If you do not have any pathologies, along withwith an adjustment diet can diuretics apply herbal infusions that will help swelling to remove the face and will pull excess fluid out of course. And, the body, an indispensable assistant in the fight against puffiness - the mask is that you can both make the improvised ingredients from the house of ingredients, and purchase the nearest nearest to the pharmacy.

Masks against puffiness If

face swelling of the face next morning is not much possible, expresseddispense with a simple procedure, which many probably know for a long time - by rubbing the skin with ice. Ice can be made from purified ordinary water or decoctions of medicinal herbs, for example, from chamomile, celandine, plantain, birch Not bad, etc.

kidney effect will give and contrasting compresses: just first apply a cosmetic napkin moistened in hot water, and after five minutes change it to a moistened napkin in icy water. This procedure can be repeated several times. If these measures are not enough, then we recommend using masks recipes that will remove the swelling of the face and skin will give a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Mask of the best - potato remedy to relieve swelling

It's hard to find a simple mask that will helpto remove swelling quickly, than a mask from usual It is possible. potatoes used as cooked root crops, uncooked and so, rubbing them on a grater and wringing out excess For. liquid hot mask you need to boil the uniform in the potatoes and along with the rind stretch it into After. puree what else warm mass of a person to impose and wash off, waiting about 15 minutes. time If there is no root on the decoction, and you need to remove swelling quickly, chill the damp raw cheese and potatoes on the face through a gauze or a napkin cosmetic.

Mask with lemon juice and cucumber

The lemon-cucumber mask will not only help quicklymorning to remove puffiness on the face, but also will give the skin a well-groomed and shining appearance. It perfectly fits fat for a normal type of epidermis. If you dry your skin, we recommend reducing the amount of lemon juice by half.

  • lemon juice - 25 ml;
  • fresh medium cucumber.

Grind the cucumber in a small blender on a grater and mix with freshly squeezed lemon. Apply. juice on the surface of the face and rinse, waiting for about 20 minutes about.

With normal and oily skin, quickly remove swellingit is possible with the aromatic help of a mask of coffee and cocoa, which has the same beneficial effect on the skin of the face. By the way, you can also use the prescription for a dry type of dermis, just replace honey juice with lemon, and yogurt - for any vegetable oil (grape, almond, peach, olive, etc.).

Honey is a product of highly allergenic beekeeping. Before using the home in its makeup, check to see if you have any allergy test on the back side. Ingredients.

  • ground coffee - 25 g;
  • cocoa powder 25 g;
  • natural (yoghurt) - 50 ml;
  • lemon juice - 23-30 ml.

Mix all the mask components and apply on face. Rinse, wait for 20 wipe, and the skin for a minute with ice-cream cubes, by the way, which should always be under if, by hand you want to quickly remove puffiness.

"Masks" Green against puffiness

The greens and root of dill and parsley are beautifulcope with morning swelling possible. Their faces are used as a quality of mono-ingredients, as well as an addition to the basic masks from sour cream, yoghurt, potatoes, etc. Moreover, both parsley and dill cope perfectly with the pigmentation on the skin, so these are suitable masks and for smoothing the tone of the face. The recipe for the "green" mask is very simple: chop parsley or dill in a blender and apply to Wash. skin, waiting for 15-20 minutes.

Now you know, take off like a swelling of the face, usingsimple home recipes for masks. The main thing is to try to systematically perform the procedures and observe the specified diet. And mornings for puffiness will no longer become a subject for the Source.