Edema on the heels

Surely many of you have noticed how afterdifficult / hard working day, and even earlier in an ordinary person, especially - the elderly have swelling of the legs, there is a heaviness in the legs. Can swell around the calves or whining feet. Usually this happens because of a long standing job or a fixed, long sitting job. In these cases, blood circulation is disturbed, the cardiovascular system suffers. General fatigue can be removed by several folk remedies, for example, those described in this article. As for the specific edema and fatigue of the lower extremities - we read further.

In the East they say that health is a balancebetween heaven and earth, but there is, between the upper and lower parts of the body. This balance can be achieved using the point "asi sanri". On the beneficial effects of it (elimination of swelling of the feet, feet, including the elderly), the poet and traveler of the 18th century Bas Matsuo wrote on his body in his lyric diary. Before embarking on a journey, the traveler cauterized the bundle of burning medicinal herbs with the point of "Asi Sanri". This procedure gave the poet strength for long journeys.

Exercises to eliminate foot swelling folk remedy (on the east)

1. Point "Asi Sanri"

These are the so-called acupressure methods: to overcome the swelling of the legs or swelling of the feet, it is necessary to irritate the Asi-san point with fingertips or with some object, such as a nut. The point of "asi sanri", the effect on which reduces swelling of the legs and in the elderly, is under the knee cap. You should massage and the entire area around this point in any convenient way - hand, ball or nut.

If the feet are especially swollen, theneastern medicine (the national remedy of Chinese comrades) advises also to massage the point "kaikei", which is located on the bend of the legs, that is, the joint of the shin and the foot. Influence on this point in order to eliminate swelling of the feet is followed in the evening, working with each point for three minutes.

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Be careful, folk recipes do not replace qualified medical care. Pre-consultation with a doctor is absolutely necessary!