Swelling of joints causes

Swelling of the ankle is manifested in the forminflammation of soft tissues in the articular area, accompanied by combat sensations. The ankle joint swells as a result of accumulation of excess fluid due to deterioration of the lymphatic or circulatory system.

Causes of ankle swelling

The severity of edema and pain manifestations in the ankle depends on the cause of inflammation. Let's mention the main ones.

Most often, pain and swelling in the ankle arises after an injury. The following injuries of the ankle joint are distinguished:

Injuries result in the outflow of blood into the softtissue and joint cavity. In addition, traumatic injuries lead to a violation of the outflow of blood through the veins. As a result, blood stasis and, accordingly, swelling.

Another common cause of ankle edema. The disease causes degeneration of cartilaginous tissue, which gradually stiffens, and between the deformed elements there is friction and swelling. Arthritis, as a rule, affects the elderly, and it can be a consequence of rheumatism, gout and other metabolic disorders and a malfunction in the immune system.

Arthrosis, bursitis, synovitis, often cause the swelling in the ankle joint. An incorrect allocation of synovial fluid leads to its accumulation, because of which the legs swell noticeably.

Pathological changes in the veins associated with thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, cause an increase in venous pressure and interfere with normal outflow of blood.

Heart failure. as well as serious diseases of the lungs, liver and kidneys, accompanied by disruption of the cardiovascular system, contribute to the accumulation of fluid in the body.

Bacterial and viral infections of soft tissues are another cause of edema of the lower extremities, and incorrectly conducted therapy can cause sepsis.

Treatment of ankle swelling

Defining the methods of treating the swelling of the ankle joint, proceed from the cause that caused edematous phenomena. The specialist, having diagnosed, chooses the methods of therapy, recommending:

With inflammatory diseases (arthritis,arthrosis, bursitis), procedures for removing pus and administering antibiotics can be performed. To activate the microcirculation of blood in the capillaries introduce Curantil, Trental, etc. Diosmin and its analogues are used to strengthen the veins. In violation of metabolic processes, an important place is played by adherence to a special diet.