Urine and swelling

October 11, 2010 18:05 Regina asks:

Hello! My son is 10 months old. At 8 months we were diagnosed with chronic pyelonephritis (we had an exacerbation at 2 and 7 months with a high fever), there are minor changes in the left kidney. Now every 10 days we take urine, drink oats. Last week, the analysis was ideal, repeated after 8 days: specific gravity - 1005, white blood cells - 1-3, flat epithelium - 4-6, all other indications are negative. I am confused by the amount of epithelium, this is the norm or not. I would like to ask more, my child after sleep, swollen eyes, I understand this is the result of pyelonephritis, what measures should be taken. Thank you in advance.

The flat epithelium is the cells that linethe walls of the urinary tract. In themselves, they have no diagnostic value. Edema under the eyes is actually found in some renal diseases, but they do not require special treatment.