Janine edema

Galina, from Diana-35 there was nothing, one positive! No excess weight, no pain in the legs, nothing. From positive - the skin became super and hair! And before that, well, just horror! These pills were prescribed to me by a dermatologist, and approved by a genicologist. More pills to me have lowered the maintenance or contents of Testosteron-Depotum, it too a plus :)
But it's all individual, I think, I justsuch an organism: before that, Novinet was taking, too, everything was good. I was very much afraid that after the abolition of Diana (I was told to take only 1.5 years) there will be a cycle failure or something else. But all is well! Checked everything: blood, homonas, went to the genicologist - everything is in order. And Zhanin was appointed now for 3 months, to slightly lower testosterone, although I have an upper limit to the norm.

In any case, if there is any discomfort inplan of health, it is better to check up, to hand over analyzes, and the doctor after that will decide, whether it is harmful to you to use a ring or not. And can advise that-nib.esche.Udachi

She also drank Janine, but he approached me. We chose according to the analyzes. We started with Yarina, I lost weight (which was +), but my chest hurt terribly, I could not even sleep on my stomach, the feeling that I was about to burst. Then they tried Diana-35, I slept with him all the time. and then stayed on Zhanin.
By the way, from all the OK the lubricant was almost gone. the truth after the abolition all recovered, but some girls in other temks wrote that someone after the problem was canceled

Thank you! It never hurts
It remains only to get to him, sign up.

I drank Zhanin for correction of hormonalimbalance. I was appointed only after a series of tests. Side effects first appeared: the left leg was numb and the chest swelled. I was assigned "Magne B6" and immediately all the side troubles were over.
In general, if the drug is prescribed for loweringandrogens, you can ask the doctor about other drugs, "Yarina", Diana35 "and" Tri-Mercy "- have the same properties." Three-Mercy "came up better, it had three-phase side effects - almost did not arise (unless you take in view of the fact that at first the libido decreased slightly).

I, on the advice of a gynecologist, drank "Janine", as she insisted and said that this is a new generation drug. minimum of harmonics.
As a result I drank 3 years, everything was normal, but then I started gaining weight, at first I did not pay attention, well, winter, well, I scored!
And after half a year of +7 kg, I went to another doctor, she said an urgent throw. threw! After half a year + 10 more kg, but now I stopped now I'm pregnant and these extra 17 as something bad fit !!