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26-Nov-2009 16:45

Those who suffer from diseasescardiovascular system, lungs and gastrointestinal tract, it is worthwhile to take as a rule to pour tea from cup to cup in the morning 20-30 times, as it is done in Central Asia. Water from this is saturated with atomic oxygen - and you get a charge of vivacity.

When the body has a drought ...

Why, when and how much should we drink water? It would seem that such a simple question should have a simple answer: felt thirsty - drank water. Which one? Of course, it is better cleared. But if the house does not have a special water purifying filter, but to defend the water either once, or just laziness. Well, then we'll drink the one that flows from the tap ...

Such a frivolous attitude towards quality andThe amount of water consumed (and also by the time and conditions of its consumption) can lead to the most unfortunate consequences. Few need to be reminded of a known figure: a man is almost 80 percent water. However, in doing so, we are forced to regularly replenish and update our water balance. Dehydration of the body is a serious problem that can cause various dangerous diseases.

Water is life. Therefore, in dealing with it, we must be competent and prudent.

Opinions on how much and how much watershould drink a person, a lot. Great attention to the problem of water is given by the popular author and researcher Maya Gogulan, who attributes to the qualitative water simply miraculous properties. It is worth listening to the opinion of the most authoritative person in this field: Academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, Professor of Medicine, State Prize winner Ivan Neumyvakin, who has been dealing with this problem for more than a quarter of a century. His experience and sound arguments can be trusted: he is recognized as the leading healer of Russia, he was awarded the highest award in this field - the amber "Master's Star" for his personal contribution to the development of traditional folk medicine. He was also awarded the International Prize "Profession - Life" and was awarded the Order "For Honor" , valor, creativity, charity. " Ivan Neumyvakin is a well-deserved inventor of Russia.

In each of his books he reminds us: The water supply in the body must be replenished. Thus the healer gives "simple, as all ingenious", advice: to drink water slightly salty. Salted water helps to fight dehydration more effectively. A sign of dehydration of the human body can become many ailments. Signs of a "drought" can be such symptoms:

- headache, dizziness;

- Depression, irritability, fatigue;

- swelling under the eyes, dry and oily skin, swelling of the legs;

- renal and cardiovascular insufficiency;

- Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, encephalopathy;

- asthma, colitis, constipation;

- edema, spasms of calf muscles, trophic ulcers, thrombophlebitis, burning sensation in the feet;

- any skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles, etc.);

- a feeling of a tide in women in menopause.

It is important to understand: Salted water can prevent all these diseases! However, salt intake (consumption of more than 2-3 g per day) is dangerous - it can lead to swelling. You can take 2-3 grains of large salt. You can moisten your finger and immerse it in the salt shaker - how many will stick to it - consider it in a dose on a glass of water. Such water, on the contrary, will remove swelling, washing the body, will remove excess salts - this is the best physiological diuretic.

It is advisable to drink water in the morning - from six to eighthours, it is useful to add to it 10-15 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Two glasses of this water will easily eliminate constipation. After 10-15 minutes, this water turns into structured and energy water and begins to work as an electrolyte, an antioxidant that dissolves all uric acid salts and other slags that our body is clogged with. No wonder Neumyvakin says: "Salt and water is a medicine for a year."

Sometimes a person after a stressthere is a false sense of hunger. It must not be eaten with water, but with water! You can drink water first, and then dissolve some salt (by the way, if done so in the evening, it contributes to a good sleep and deep sleep).

With an ulcer of the duodenum and stomach before meals for an hour, drink a small sip of 1-2 glasses of water, the pain will pass and the mucosa will be clean. It is useful to drink water with noise in the ears and head.

We need to teach health from childhood, but, alas,do it very rarely today. Time is this, tuned for speed and profit. Fast profits! To this, alas, the pharmaceutical industry works as well - and the drugs are expensive and unsafe. Pharmacy business with its cosmetic wrap-ups for essential medicines has long been to become the object of the closest and strict control by the authorities and inspection bodies.

Now pharmacies - at every step, but, for example, in theIn 1960 there were only five in Tyumen. You can compare these figures with the statistics of various diseases, the curve of which in our days is just off scale. Instead of advertising garden grasses, we talk about chemical preparations every day. Instead of advocating a healthy lifestyle. Girls with a cigarette - a common phenomenon. What kind of offspring will they leave? And where is our health education, which quite successfully and effectively operated during the Soviet era?

In my school years (1939-1949) for healthchildren watched. We were not allowed to be late for morning exercises before the lessons. Everyone went to the sports sections without exception ... But this is, so to speak, a little nagging "on the topic", although the grumble is well-founded. Today schools not only do not convince and do not teach to engage in physical culture and sports, but do not teach the basics of health, including such an important culture as the culture of water consumption. But you can teach a person to drink right from an early age. These are very simple and very useful rules.

Drink water before meals, and not after and not during meals, so as not to dissolve the digestive juices with liquid.

Those who suffer from diseasescardiovascular system, lungs and gastrointestinal tract, it is worthwhile to take as a rule to pour tea from cup to cup in the morning 20-30 times, as it is done in Central Asia. Water from this is saturated with atomic oxygen - and you get a charge of vivacity. And you can add 5-10 drops of hydrogen peroxide, as advised by Neumyvakin. Cancer cells, like the various parasites that inhabit the human body, live only in an oxygen-free environment.

It is very useful to drink melt water. Try, when you drink water, be in good spirits, speak with more kind words. Remember: it strengthens your biofield.

Beer in which the mind is drowning

Beer alcoholism - and this has long been warnedmany doctors, educators, psychologists - has become a real scourge of modern Russia. Experts call it "an undeclared war against civilians". Which, by the way, becomes after drinking a foamy drink is not so peaceful. Statistics prove: a lot of crimes are committed in beer intoxication, and even an innocent can of beer can seriously obscure the human mind. Especially when it comes to the teenager's unruly mind ...

Different countries have their own culture of beer consumption. And the more civilized the country, the more people care about it about citizens, the more demanding it is to educate the "beer culture". It is unlikely that a respectable and health-conscious German, Czech, Dutchman (the list of countries can be continued) would risk cooling off in the heat by that cheap surrogate, which in Russia is called beer. And which in fact is not brewed, like real beer, but is hastily prepared from raw materials of questionable quality.

Such beer is available for the poor young people - andthis is scary. It becomes for them all - a means of communication, a way to find a substitute for worthy pursuits (for example, sports). And a way to quickly part with youth and health.

Such an aggressive television beer advertisement,as in Russia, perhaps, there is nowhere (only recently it has somewhat subsided). Beer pours from TV screens, calling for forgetting about problems, having fun, "breaking away" ... And just not too prominent and a little attention-getting inscription shamefully warns: excessive consumption of beer is dangerous for your health ... And where is the measure? Who will tell her the young man, convince?

In Russia beer can be bought by a schoolboy - the sellerpretends that he did not notice the age of the buyer. Recently the same television demonstrated the plot: the kiosk vendor easily sells a beer can to an eight-year (!) Boy. True, the audience does not tell the story of the story: did the criminal seller pay for it? Grab his hand? Condemned?

Beer is more harmful than vodka. Beer brings huge health problems. According to statistics, in our country every resident drinks almost 60 liters of beer. In some of its grades, the alcohol content reaches 10-14%, that is, a bottle of beer can equate to 50-100 g of vodka. Beer irritates the stomach mucosa, poisoning it.

With regular and repeated use of beerthe glands that produce gastric juice, first give off a lot of mucus, then atrophy. Food is worse digested. The result - problems with the stool, gastritis, general weakness, depressed mood. Decreased performance, a person experiences frequent abdominal pain, swelling, bitterness in the mouth.

Beer is a powerful blow to the liver. Weakened liver detoxifies the body from toxins, there is beer hepatitis in a latent form, turning into cirrhosis. The pancreas suffers - the enzyme release is impaired.

Kidneys in people who abuse beer, work withtripled power. Constantly pulling to the toilet - thus, the beer washes out potassium, magnesium, vitamin C from the body, and this, in turn, gives a heart rate rupture, there are pains in the calves, weakness in the legs. The lack of magnesium negatively affects the mood: a person becomes irritable, often suffers from a cold, immunity decreases, varicose veins, arrhythmia, shortness of breath, heart increases, pressure increases. Do "pivnik" twice the death rate from a stroke!

What other troubles brings with it beer in largequantities? In men, female hormones begin to dominate, the timbre of the voice changes, a famous "beer belly" appears, fat is deposited on the hips and waist, sexual potency decreases.

Beer alcoholism develops 3-4 times faster,and the craving for a drink becomes stronger. He is difficult to treat, because like a drug becomes vital. In Omsk, a 23-year-old mother killed her daughter: she divorced the children's mixture with beer - the girl died of poisoning. Breast children suffer from beer alcoholism of mothers who are convinced: only a can of beer, nothing terrible, will not be reflected on the child ...

Who benefits from "beer money"? Economy of the state? Hardly. After all, as a result, the proceeds from its sale turn into a national catastrophe, a reduction in life, a decline in its quality, a loss of intelligence, an increase in crime. A doubtful benefit ...

No vegetable contains this amountrejuvenating, biologically active substances like it. In it - a large amount of folic acid, which promotes the growth of cells, and betaine, which prevents the deposition of fat in the liver. Beetroot strengthens bones and vessels, strengthens the supply of cells with oxygen, makes the skin smooth and supple, improves the structure of hair and nails, cleans the body of toxins. It should be eaten in any form. You can cook jam: grate the beets on a grater and add evenly crushed cranberries with sugar - tasty and useful.

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