Bruhnivere edema

in the root does not agree with this article.

Doctors in our country still at the old school(Soviet) think that the edema of excess water in the body, not looking at the essence of the problem. In the civilized world, pregnant women with swelling are the first things they advise: in no case should you limit yourself to water. Edema is the water supply in the body of a pregnant woman, as water during pregnancy is very important. And edemas appear usually at a WATER DISADVANTAGE and to remove them you need to drink more, at least. When a pregnant woman sits on a diet limiting herself to water, it only aggravates the situation ..

No one with edema was in the hospital? I was lying, just after my doctor's appointment to limit myself in the water, when my swelling started. And do you know how the hospital treats swelling? The daily dropper with fiz. Solution, i.e. water.

Now pregnant with the second, already 31 weeks, swelling sometimes appear, immediately start to actively drink water. And they immediately pass. The doctor examines my feet and only praises.

20:38 | Mar 30, 11

21:39 | Mar 30, 11

Girls! I do not know how anyone, but yesterday I felt that everything was swollen, on the recommendation of my mother I began to drink less and today it was even worse, and after reading this forum I got drunk enough, after which I slept a little and ALL WAS PASSED!

16:15 | 24 Mar 13

13:55 | Feb 04 16

I read and I'm only hurt for pregnant women. Doctors drive them in pathology. All gestosis is taken only from not correct diagnoses and healing of pregnancy.

Here are the consequences of the rotten systemobstetrics and genicology in our country. Doctors of pregnant women are only deceived by their stupid advice of anhydrous and salt-free diet, a pregnant woman needs water MORE than usual. Edemas appear when the pregnant woman is NOT ENOUGH water and he begins to stock up in panic, postponing "on a black day". If at this moment limit yourself in the water, so even a diuretic drink.

That's where the gestosis and complications come from.

And then such a pregnant woman will be put in a hospital and they will take off the edema of fiz with a solution (water).

Nightmare ... I read all the comments and current I spit.

To get "extra" you need to drink DRINKING DRINK. I'm not talking about the fact that diuretics and restriction in drinking is a nightmarish blow to the kidneys, and they during pregnancy and so for two plow.

Of course, there is nothing horrible in the sea, but if they are their own preparation.

10:59 | Mar 31, 11