How to remove the swelling of the cheek after tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is an operative intervention, so there is always the risk of postoperative complications. One of the possible complications of such interventions is edema.

Causes of edema development after tooth extraction

If tooth extraction is done correctly and withcompliance with all anti-infectious measures, inflammatory processes or infection, as a rule, does not arise. Nevertheless, this option can not be ruled out.

If you develop inflammation after removala tooth, first of all it is necessary to be convinced, that in a jaw there was no a splinter of a tooth, a piece of cotton wool or something similar. It can only be cleared by a doctor. He will give you treatment (course of antibiotics).

Unlike inflammation, edema after tooth extractiondevelops quite often. Especially likely puffiness, if you have removed a wisdom tooth or if the removed tooth was in very poor condition (strongly rotten).

In addition to edema may also be observed
  • temperature increase,
  • infectious infection,
  • bleeding, etc.

Other causes of puffiness after tooth extraction

The edema can also be caused by such causes</ b> :

The tissues surrounding the tooth are injured (cheeks, gums). In this case, edema will be insignificant and will pass after several days without any treatment. If you want to speed up this process, you can put ice on your cheek for ten minutes several times a day. The next day, if the swelling has not passed, you need to change tactics and apply a heating pad to your cheek. Hold it for twenty minutes, take it off for ten minutes, then attach it again. But remember: a hot water bottle can be used only if you are absolutely sure that you do not have inflammation.

An allergic reaction to an anesthetic is the cause of swelling after tooth extraction. For treatment, antihistamine is used.

Infectious inflammation. Swelling rapidly increases, it is hot to the touch, pulsates and hurts. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. Self-medication in this case can be expensive for you. Especially dangerous are warming compresses.

How to quickly remove the swelling after tooth extraction?

Be careful not to get an infection in the wound after removal of the tooth.

In the first day after the operation, teeth should not be cleaned.

After each meal for prevention of edemayou need to rinse your mouth so that there will not be any slices of food left. For rinsing, use slightly salted water, it will help to heal the wound.

For several days, for the treatment of swelling, refrain from eating hot or too cold foods.

While the wound does not heal, and especially if the edema develops, try not to sleep on the side where the tooth was removed.

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