After surgery to remove the thyroid gland swelling

Anonymous, Female, 42 years old

Hello, I am a woman, I'm 42 years old. Height 178, weight 103 kg. In May, having made uzi, I found out that I had a node in the right lobe of the thyroid gland. Deciding not to postpone, on May 29, 2014, I had an operation to remove this very node. Benign. On the third day after the operation, the attending physician examined me and took off the stitches. After I let him go home, telling me to come for an extract in two weeks. The first day after the removal of stitches, everything was in order, on the second day the temperature rose 37 and began to swell the seam. There was a feeling that he was hanging over his neck. The seam does not interfere with speaking, breathing, sleeping, there are no secretions, redness is there. The first thing I did was go to the doctor, he examined and sent home, saying that it should be so, I did not prescribe anything, I just checked the seam. All these days the temperature was kept to 37.5, weakness. The stitch is swollen, with slight redness. Is this a normal reaction or are there any deviations? Thanks in advance.

Hello! Yes, after the treatment of edema at the site of surgery, within 1-1.5 months, edema will go away. The seam should be treated daily with non-alcohol-containing antiseptic solutions and in the first 14-21 days limit the sharp movements of the neck. Yours faithfully, endocrinologist Solovyov Yana Alexeevna.

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