When the edema subsides after enlarging the lips

girls, I made myself an injection 4 days ago -terribly happy. As if they ironed them with an iron. I'm terribly happy. I do it a second time - the first was a year and a half ago. gel dissolves somewhere in a year and wrinkles were still less than before injections. True, there were bruises that took place a week.
And this time the tiny bruises have already passed and the swelling immediately came down - everyone says you are so freshened up.

Aganina Elena
Restylane is good, but its effect, as well asthe effect of Botox is short-lived. If the fold is really deep and the muscles are powerful, then the best combination would be a combination of the two methods. Botox will immobilize this area, gradually the fold will become less deep. Restylane finally razed this area. But in the future, still have to support the result. In consolation I will say that during the time when the interbrow is immobile, it is possible that you will learn to control your facial expressions and not wrinkle your forehead unnecessarily.

Hooray! From the category of theorists, I still decided and switched to practice.

What I tell you is a miracle!
What the doctor-cosmetologist did with my face is actually a miracle!
I made both Botox and a deep wrinkle room filled with gel, i.e. all that the doctor advised me.
In a good clinic. Have an experienced cosmetologist.
And I'm not just happy with the effect - I'm hit by it!

Quite young girls are unlikely to feel my delight, but if you are a girl. m-th-m. for thirty say - you already understand me.
Incredible effect - at least on my face!
It turns out I already had time to forget WHAT IS a completely smooth forehead!
This bloody wrinkle of anger did not add to me for five years!
Much more - we just get used to our daily appearance like that.

Pains practically are not present - all is so tolerant, that a blood from a finger to hand over me more painfully.

Summary without any advertising there: If for some time the mood spoils its own reflection - it must be done.
Because in addition to cosmetic is also an incredible psychological effect!
All kinds of psychotherapists just nervously smoke in the side!
Because now I can not just go past the mirror - I'll definitely look and 1000 times I will rejoice.

I would not have done this myself, even ifhave paid. Firstly, and your lips are missing, and secondly it is fraught with all sorts of bad consequences - and inflammation, and rejection, and adjust this from time to time it is necessary, and in general, foreign garbage in your body. Br-rr.

My friend did, I liked it very much, and in my opinion her lips became sexier. Just need to go to a good clinic. And further -
she did in several stages (almost a dozentimes apparently small doses) - after the first time it was almost completely unnoticed, after the second - well, slightly (and if she did not say, I would not pay attention), only after the 3rd - 4th it became noticeable , but not vulgarly. So, it is probably necessary to approach this issue competently, and most importantly, to want. And if you are satisfied with everything in your lips, then do not bother or criticize who it wants to do.

called Lip Plumpers. And the silicone on the lips looks ugly, I have a girlfriend. which wanted to be like Jolie decided on the silicone. now suffers. especially in the mornings, if she slept on her side. the fact is that only some people find the lips of a jolie beautiful, while others consider it cleverly disguised as a defect.

Strawberry, I did Matridur in the upper lip. Over -x 2 weeks was a strong edema (lip, like a duckling was), but the clinic said that the swelling will subside in 2 days. After 2 weeks, the edema subsided and there was no effect either. There were still lumps in their lips, then they also disappeared. My conclusion, I went two weeks with a swollen muzzle, I spent 9 thousand rubles and there is no effect. But this is my sad experience. Did or made in good clinic (Art-clinics). Maybe someone has a good experience.

Lip enhancement with biopolymer gel

(Why is biopolymer gel harmful?
What is harmful biopolymer gel? The cosmetologist advised me to make my lips with biopolymer gel and said that if something does not like it, one injection is made and it will be withdrawn from this site. Is it so?

You should have been informed that afterlip enhancement with biopolymer gel to withdraw it in any way is almost impossible. We use biopolymer gel in our practice, but patients are always warned about this.)

Lip augmentation: age restrictions
(Lip augmentation: age restrictions
Tell me please, at what age is it possible and not harmful lip augmentation?

Lip enlargement is possible from 18 years.)

Increase of lips with gel based on hyaluronic acid ("Yuviderm", "Perlayn", "Restylane", "Newfil")

(Can you please tell how much it costs to inject lips with gel?

Enlarged lips with absorbable gels based onhyaluronic acid type "JUVIDERM", "PERLAYN", "RESTILAYN", "NYUFIL" can cost about 250-300 $. Increasing lip non-absorbable biopolymer gel costs about 200-250 $.)

Lip augmentation: organizational issues of the procedure

I would like to change the shape of the lips, usingof the preparation "Restylane", how long this procedure will take, how long it takes to register for an appointment, whether a preliminary consultation is necessary, and whether there are any side effects (bruises, edema), ie, whether I can adequately look the next day.
Increase of lips with the drug "Restylane" (abetter "Perlayn") is produced within 15-20 minutes. You can make an appointment for 1-2 days. The consultation is held directly on the day of treatment. Bruising and edema can be insignificant

Lip augmentation: possible complications
(Put the gel in the lips, do not pass the "swelling", can it be removed?
Hello! If possible, please advise me. Two months ago, I was put in the clinic gel - biopolymer in the volume of only 6.5 ml. In the upper lip put 3.5 ml. and after that I do not go through a "swelling" or swelling over the lip. They put two times Degrospan over the red border - it helped, but not enough. Whether it is possible to remove this "tumor", and as it is possible to put on a bioplasm in a labium Ювидерм.

Perhaps your gel is not in the muscle layer orit is formed helioma. It is removed by puncturing this cavity, but only by a physician. The necessity of this procedure is solved by consultation. The juuderm is implanted into the skin and the biogel into the muscle, so they can be combined.

Increased lips with own fat
(Increased lip with own fat.) What can be complications?
Increase your lips with your own fat. What complications can there be, what is the difference between injecting gels and fat, which is safer?

In order to get fat, you need itpump out from the abdomen or thighs. This is already small, but operation. And like all operations it can have not only positive consequences. A gel from the bottle was taken and introduced.)