How much does the swelling after sine lifting

What if you can not install implants just because there is not enough bone in the upper jaw?

In our clinic, you can perform an operation«Sinus-lifting». Sinus-lifting is quite simple, proven and common in St. Petersburg procedure. It takes no more than an hour. Its essence is the buildup of bone tissue of the upper jaw. This is the main condition for securely fixing the implant.

To make up for the volume of your jaw bone,it is necessary to use special drugs. The earlier you begin to prepare to build the bones of the upper jaw, the earlier you restore the dentition!

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Why did the doctor say that you need a sine lift?

Bone tissue growth at the implant site is required for two reasons:

  • the height of the bone in the upper jaw is not sufficient to install the implant because your maxillary sinus is too low;
  • you lost a tooth for a long time, the gum remained unloaded for a long time, and there was a thinning of the bone - the loss of bone tissue in the jaw.

What is the maxillary sinus and why does it interfere with the placement of the implant?

Ginorov's sinus (sinus) Is the paranasal sinus. It is located on the sides of the upper jaw and is covered from the inside by the mucous membrane. The peculiarities of the structure of the cavity of your mouth can be such that the roots of the upper chewing teeth are found both in the bone and in the maxillary sinus (if the sinus is located low). In this case, its bottom should be raised - in order to fix the implant not in the tissues of the mucosa, but in the bone tissue. For this, under the mucosa of the maxillary sinus, a material is inserted that replaces and restores the bone. This is an operation called sinus-lifting.

Why is sine-lifting not dangerous, if you turned to reliable doctors in St. Petersburg?

Often a doctor, by examining your state of health,decides that you need antibiotic therapy before surgery. In this case, sine-lifting does not cause infectious complications, because the risk of edema and inflammation decreases sharply. Such therapy is relevant for patients with weakened immunity.

Closed sinus-lifting is performed simultaneously with implantation. In this case, the doctor slightly pushes the bottom of the maxillary sinus.

Open sine lifting involves a smallan incision in the wall of the maxillary sinus and the introduction of a material replacing bone tissue. It is carried out either before the implant is installed, or simultaneously with it. However, most often implants in St. Petersburg are established 3-6 months after the bone build-up took place, and 6-9 months take root.

Naturally, the cost of the operation is several times cheaper than the price of the implantation itself.

You can not refuse to build up the bone tissue of the upperjaw, if this is the only thing that prevents your dream from being fulfilled? After all, you want to have a full, healthy, beautiful and absolutely functional dentition again?

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