Edema of the upper and lower eyelid causes

Edema of eyelids occurs in connection with injuries, inflammations and common diseases.

Traumatic edema of the eyelids

In case of trauma in the eyelids, largehematomas, which, in addition to swelling, change the color of the skin in the form of glasses. which is one of the diagnostic features of fracture of the base of the skull. If one side is injured due to the friability of the subcutaneous tissue, the hematoma can also form on the other side. The eyelid edema can be so large that because of it the eyeball is not visible and even with the help of the eyelid it is difficult to open the eyelids.

Similar to edema is emphysema. arising sometimes in connection with trauma and givingwhen you feel the eyelids crunchy sound. In such cases, the eyelid in the sense of touch is like a pillow full of horsehair. In case of damage, air can easily enter the tissues of the eyelid through the thin wall of the nasal part of the orbit.

Plastic surgery and trauma in the face can also lead to swelling of the eyelids due to the violation of blood and lymph circulation.

Inflammatory eyelid edema

Inflammation of the orbital tissues (abscess and phlegmon)is accompanied by the edema of the eyelids. Such a serious condition and also edema of the eyelids arise in individual cases and inflammation of the subordinate cavities, for example, in ethmoiditis. Acute inflammation of the lacrimal sac can also be accompanied by a significant edema of the eyelids.

Swelling more or less occurs withdiseases of the eyelids, for example, with dermatitis, with internal and external barley, with abscess of the eyelid. The latter can be caused by staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcus, anthrax stick, etc. Swelling is also caused by viral diseases - herpes, shingles, etc. Significant inflammation of certain parts of the eyeball, acute hyperemia may also be accompanied by edema of the eyelids, for example, conjunctivitis (gonoblenorea, diphtheria , epidemic conjunctivitis, etc.), acute forms of irites, endophthalmitis and panophthalmitis. Edema of the eyelids can also occur with an acute attack of glaucoma.

Edema of the eyelids in general diseases

Known edema of the eyelids, which occurs with nephrosis. The disorder of the pituitary and thyroid gland function can lead to a characteristic and significant edema of the eyelids. This swelling can occur both with and without exophthalmos. Essentially, it is about changing the skin type of myxedema.

Allergic skin reaction age can occur both with this reactionconjunctiva, and without it. It can be a particular phenomenon of a general allergic reaction, but sometimes an allergic reaction occurs only on the eyelids. The recurrent edema of the eyelids arising in connection with menstruation can be both intrasecretory and allergic.