Edema on the cheek after tooth extraction

During the removal of the tooth, the body is appliedhuge damage. In fact, this is tantamount to a wound that was not sewn. Have you swollen your cheek after tooth extraction? What to do in this situation, find out in this article.

Why does my cheek swell after tooth extraction?

If during removal there were problems then swellingafter tooth extraction it is quite normal. Do not panic: the edema indicates the presence of severe damage. Because for the purpose of allergy, the doctor had to check the patient before introducing an anesthetic. So, if the cheek is swollen after tooth extraction, then the following effective methods should be used.

The cheek after a tooth extraction has swelled - what to do or make in such situation?

The simplest and most affordable remedy, if swollencheek after tooth extraction, this is done by cold compress. To do this, you can use a plastic jar with cold water, a hot-water bottle with ice, or just a towel soaked in cold water. The compress should be kept long enough, and periodically changed. It not only allows to remove the edema, but also significantly reduces the pain moment.

Very often edema appears in those who sufferhigh blood pressure. Therefore after removal it is necessary to take soothing agents and specific medicines to lower pressure. These measures will indirectly affect the edema.

You can remove the edema and the usual anti-pedicure. Lubricate the cheek and place of the external edema, this will allow the place to act and relieve the painful sensation.

Very often the edema of the cheek after tooth extractionprovokes pain. Try to calm the wound. Lie down, breathe, watch TV. Do not eat or drink, just freeze. If the pain does not stop, you can take an analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug. As soon as the pain recedes, it begins to swell and edema.

Do not provoke a small swelling on the cheek. After tooth extraction it is impossible to eat, drink, use hot, or other annoying food. You can not put pressure on a sore spot, otherwise a calm trauma can "wake up" to arrange an exhibition.

If the cheek is swollen after tooth extraction and the edema is notfalls down within a day, the temperature has risen and the bleeding does not stop, then it is worth going to the doctor. Since in the aggregate it is a symptom of the development of the inflammatory process and nothing pleasant it does not promise.

However, you should not panic in general. Some patients bring themselves to suspicion to the state of extreme nervousness, which provokes a complication against the background of a strong gum injury, which is the removal of the tooth itself.

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