How much edema remains after biorevitalization

Swelling under the eyes after biorevitalization

Biorevitalization is a cosmetologyprocedure and customers salons use this method to correct age-related changes in any area of ​​the face. Most often, women turn to such a procedure for correcting the eyelid zone and injecting hyaluronic acid around the eyes make it possible to forget about their age and push back the aging process. But in some cases, there are swelling under the eyes after biorevitalization, and the woman considers this a doctor's mistake, while not knowing what to do next.

The problem of edema is short-lived and this will pass quickly. Therefore, one should not think that the doctor did something wrong and literally three days afterwards one can evaluate the procedure of rejuvenation;

Under the eyes there may be bruises. There is no need to worry about this either, traces of injections disappear for three, in extreme cases - for four days. After that, there may be a few more days of small points, which no one will notice;

Address to the cosmetician who spent thisThis can be done if the swelling is too large and brings discomfort. The cosmetologist will try to remove them with special preparations that absorb hyaluronic acid and swelling should pass. Sometimes a microcurrent procedure is prescribed;

During a preliminary consultation with a doctoryou need to be frank. Biorevitalization has some contraindications and it needs to be taken into account. Basically - it's an allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid. And although it happens very rarely in patients, it can lead to Quincke's swelling.