Swelling of the nipple of the breast

Female 28 years.
Ukraine, Kiev

Hello! To me of 28 years, did not give birth or travail. Last year, when examined by a doctor, Polycystic ovary was diagnosed. In addition, for several years I have eroded w / m, as I was told that it is hormonal, which I constantly observe. At a polycystosis have appointed or nominated vitamin E with 5po 25 day of a cycle, a saw half a year. Month 3 back there were insignificant allocation from a breast, from the left white color, from the right transparent, but absolutely insignificant and only at stimulation of a nipple. I went to the doctor, I did not find anything at the examination, I did a mammogram, which was also good, and I calmed down. Last month, I passed tests for sex hormones, made a pelvic ultrasound and the doctor said that there was no polycystosis. Has asked the gynecologist to appoint contraceptive (previously never had contraceptives), the doctor appointed Diana-35. Began to take the first day of the cycle, the day of 10 there was a pain in the chest, read in side effects, what can be. But on the 20th day I noticed that on the left breast the nipple was swelling and the skin around the nipple was also swollen, even the border of the edema was visible. Today is the 21st day, drank the last pill from the package and is much worried. I am now on a business trip outside of Ukraine and go to the doctor there is no possibility. Tell me, please, how much is normal, that only on one breast there was edema of the nipple and the skin around it. And is there any reason for concern? before the reception Diane-35 did a mammogram, which showed that everything is fine? I'm worried strongly. Thanks for your reply!

This is not the norm. You need to make an ultrasound of the mammary glands and contact a mammologist or surgeon. Discuss with your gynecologist the possibility of replacing the drug.

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