Cowberry tea from swelling

Lingonberry tea has traditionally been used as a therapeutic drink. In this capacity, both leaves and berries are used. I must say that this is a pretty strong tool.

The leaves of cranberries are harvested in the spring, as soon as the snow comes down. If you miss this moment, then it will not be possible to dry the leaves, they will just turn black and lose their healing properties.

Apply leaves for the treatment of kidney and urinary tract diseases.

One of the most common diseases inwomen - cystitis. Here cowberry tea from the leaves can be a salvation. Sometimes it is even possible to solve the problem completely without consulting a doctor. But if the matter drags on, then the trip to the polyclinic, of course, is mandatory.

Another cowberry tea will be useful for gout, urolithiasis, cholelithiasis, lung diseases, hypertension.

But drink it is not necessary for a long time: 7-10 days, no more, twice a day for half a glass. Then a month-long break.

Cowberry berries are used for diseases of the urinary tract, with adenoma of the prostate gland, with swelling of any origin, with hypertension, with headache.

A healthy cowberry man in any form is just as useful as an excellent vitamin complex.

How to make bilberry tea

To brew a cowberry leaf it is necessary the same as usual tea. On a glass of boiling water - a teaspoon with a hill of dry crushed leaves. Pour boiling water and let it boil for a few minutes.

You can use a thermos bottle.

The taste of cranberry tea is tart, lightly bitter, very pleasant and does not require any sweeteners.

Here is an interesting video about cowberry and its beneficial properties. True, the quality is not very, but still I advise you to look.