Swollen small lips and itching

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Zdrastvujte! I had a problem associated with severe itching in the labia minor itching for one to two weeks. First, did not attach much importance to this (this was in the past year, the doctor said most likely the reaction to sweets here and itchs), then in the shower found the swelling of the clitoris and actually one labia, was horrified. After the shower, this problem has increased, I thought that now it would burst, because it was quite dense and looked as if it had been swollen (with only the bottom side), everything went by in the morning, but the itching is present, until the doctor's appointment only tomorrow, for the work I can not get to the reception, but I'm afraid my doctor will say again that this is all sweet. And yes it all started not after sexual intercourse, but I live sexually, a constant partner.

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Hello! You must necessarily make a smear on the flora - the symptoms are very similar to thrush, and the swollen lips could be triggered by the fact that you comb the genitals, injure them and the place of microtraumas can get an infection, causing inflammation. Also, it is still necessary to take tests for STIs, since some infections can also cause itching. On account of this analysis, you can consult a doctor, but a smear on the flora is a must. If your doctor is against such decisions, do it yourself, in a private laboratory. Chronic infections are harder to treat, because it's not worth running. Health to you!