Tattoo of the upper eyelid edema

Not every woman has been awarded beautiful by naturea cut of eyes and thick eyelashes. And even those who have a sin to complain about natural beauty, do not get tired to strive for excellence. Permanent make-up, or in another way, tattooing the eyelids opens up in this sense a wide range of possibilities: to raise the lowered corners of the eyes, to "open" the eye, to create the illusion of fluffy eyelashes, to give the cut of the eyes a more rounded or elongated appearance, to shade the color of the iris and much more.

Permanent eyelid makeup is performed in various techniques. Most experts in tattooing divide them into three varieties:

  1. Intermittent tattoo of the eyelids. The point is to fill the pigmentspace between the cilia, without leaving the line of their growth, only on the upper or both eyelids. The result - the expression of the eyes is very delicately emphasized, the effect of dense and healthy eyelashes is created, and there is no pronounced line for podvodki. The universality of this age tattoo is that in the aftermath are not limited in the use of traditional cosmetics and can create a variety of images using contour pencils or leaks.
  2. Technology contour, or tattoo century "arrow". allows you to create the illusion of "always paintedeye "with a clear line of eyeliner. Variants of the arrows are numerous: the line can be hardly noticeable or oily, with a pointed tip ("eastern arrows"); start from the inner corner of the eye or its center, protrude far beyond the outer edge of the eye or do not go beyond it. Most often, the tattoo of the eyelids in the form of an arrow is performed only in the upper eyelid, but it may well be lower. In the arsenal of the master pigments of a variety of colors, so in the choice of shade, you are practically unlimited.
  3. Tattoo of the eyelids with shading. By and large, this technique differs little from the previous one, only lines are given a blurred outline, imitating the cabling of the cayal.

Different types of permanent eyelid tattoo can becombine. For example, intermittent filling does not exclude the presence of an arrow. Arrows on the upper eyelids are perfectly combined with feathering on the bottom, etc. variations mass. In addition, the color of the pigment in the upper and lower eyelids may also differ.

Tattoo of the eyelids: side effects and consequences

Given the sensitivity of the skin in the eye area,many worry, it's painful to do tatuazh century. Do not worry: before the procedure begins, superficial anesthetic preparations are applied to the skin, and during this period the applications are repeated periodically.

Another, no less exciting issue - swelling aftertattoo eyelids. The degree of severity of the edema depends on the thickness and sensitivity of the skin of the eyelids, so everything is individual, but usually it lasts for a couple of hours, a maximum of a day. To remove it as soon as possible, the master immediately after the end of the work applies a soothing compress and gives recommendations for care during the healing period.

In the early days, tattoo color is usually twice as brightand in its place crusts are formed, it is possible sensation of tightness and tension of the skin. Such consequences of the Tatauga age are the norm. To soften them and to restore skin cells faster after tattooing, eyelids need a simple care. It boils down to protecting the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, the effects of cosmetics and household chemicals, mechanical damage (you can not rub your eyelids and try to remove the crusts). The skin of the eyelids should be lubricated with bactericidal healing ointment, which the master will advise you. Cooling compresses and rinsings with green tea are also useful.

The consequences of tattooing eyelids in the form of rashes, persistent irritations, itching and swelling for longer than 24 hours should not be normal.

Unsuccessful tattoo of eyelids and its correction

Complaints of dissatisfied clients of tattoo parlors more oftenall refer to discrepancy of color, unevenness of line coloring, not quite good shape or thickness of arrows. In such cases, correction of the eyelid tattoo is carried out, especially since sometimes it is impossible to achieve the desired result after one procedure. The shade and outlines of permanent make-up are corrected by the introduction of pigments that neutralize unwanted colors in certain areas or across the entire surface picture, and then he is given the desired form.

Please note that appreciating the work of the masteryou will be able after about 4 weeks, when the skin around the eyes adapts to the pigments. In the presence of gross defects, one has to resort to the partial or complete removal of eyelid tattooing by a laser method. By the way, laser removal is also used to get rid of annoying tattoo, because to wait until it completely descends itself will have to take a long time.

How long does the tattoo of the century last? Differently. From the sun, salt water, frequent visits to the sauna and sauna pigments burn out faster, and the average life span of tattoo eyelids varies from 4 to 10 years.