Edema on the penis

Edema of the glans penis may be caused by certain diseases of the penis, as well as by its damages.
For example, one of the reasons may be balanitis(inflammation of the glans penis) or postitis (inflammation of the foreskin), as well as their combination - balanoposthitis. Balanoposthitis occurs due to the accumulation and infection under the foreskin of a special substance - smegma, what happens if you do not pay enough attention to the hygiene of the glans penis. Also, the cause of balanoposthitis can be phimosis, purulent urethritis, an allergic reaction, diabetes mellitus.

At first there is burning and itching in the areathe head of the penis, an unpleasant sensation when opening the foreskin or during intercourse. At the same time there is swelling and reddening of the glans penis and foreskin.
Because of constant irritation of the glans penis in patients with balanoposthitis, sexual excitability increases, since the head is the main erogenous zone.

If you do not treat balanoposthitis, then throughfor a time on the head of the penis there are numerous small sores, and when walking, urinating and intercourse there is pain in the head. After that, if you continue to ignore the disease, lymphangitis develops - inflammation of the lymphatic vessels of the penis, which is manifested in the appearance of red bands on its back surface. All this can lead to inguinal lymphadenitis (inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes) and gangrene of the penis.
Therefore, if there is a swelling in the head of the penis, you should urgently consult a doctor, as this may be a sign of a serious illness.

Another phenomenon, because of which there is swelling,is paraphimosis - infringement of the head of the penis with narrowed foreskin when it is shifted beyond the head of the penis (often develops in patients suffering from phimosis, and occurs when trying to expose the head, during sexual intercourse or masturbation).
Immediately after infringement of the glans penis inshe has sharp pains, urination becomes painful and difficult. Head swelling is noted, it becomes blue and purple, and in later stages ulceration develops, a deep strangulation occurs at the site of infringement.
Paraphimosis requires urgent intervention. Sometimes it is enough to simply manually reposition the head. With a certain degree of edema of the glans penis, that it becomes impossible to put it back. If the swelling is significant, then an operation is needed to dissect the foreskin or to excise its leaves.
Head repositioning with edema can occurdifferently. First, to reduce the swelling of the glans penis for a few minutes, gently squeeze, and then, pressing the thumbs on the head, use your index fingers to move the foreskin.
Secondly, the head of the penis can be wrapped with a gauze napkin or a towel, grabbed into a fist and squeezed, and when the head decreases in size, then move the foreskin.
Well, if the head of the penis is not correctedthen it is already an operation. An infringement ring of foreskin is dissected under local or general anesthesia. After surgery, the head swelling subsides, and the foreskin is easily stretched to the glans penis.

Infringement of the penis occurs whenputting on it various rings, nuts, ropes, rubber, wire and other items. In the injury, the person can be to blame if he damages the penis to achieve an erection, to prevent night incontinence, and also his sexual partner can be to blame. As a result of blood circulation disorders, swelling develops in the glans penis, pain and acute urinary retention develop.

In addition, the swelling of the penis and its headcan occur with a bruise and fracture of the penis, when possible damage to the urethra (urethra). After a bruise there are severe pains in the penis, its size increases, there is edema and bruising.

If swelling occurs, seek medical attention immediately, as any delay can lead to serious consequences.