Edema of ear lobes

Olga Valeeva Pupil (198), closed 6 years ago

A month ago I pierced the ear lobe, the other day I took outEar ring, the puncture site became very itchy. after I intensively rubbed it .. my mother swelled .. significantly increased in size, became hard, very strong itching .. I brought mud. What to do now. it is dangerous.

Daughter of the Pirate Orakul (55213) 6 years ago

Alcoholic lotions do. Will pass! Two pieces of cotton wool should be drenched in alcohol or good (.) Vodka, cognac - and on both sides of the ear lobe, hold tight and hold it as a minicompress so that the pus comes out. Seryozhka in vain You took off - let it be there, such clinging with alcohol will help. I know what I am saying. At me most very badly and for a long time healed punctures - for 2 months.

Holy Bible Profi (957) 6 years ago

You brought not dirt and infection.

Wet the cotton wool with alcohol and work well.it is desirable to slightly dilute the place of the piercing of the earring, let's say work out the earring again with alcohol or peroxide 3% and insert and remove immediately, then again the ear and puncture site is treated with alcohol or peroxide, then gently place the puncture spot with iodine.