Edema of the earlobe

In fact, earlobe rarely causes troubleand does not require special care. But you can accidentally tear up your urine or you may have a rash, which will cause discomfort. Almost all women wear earrings. Jewelry can cling to clothes, get tangled in the hair, can lobes even tear at a strong wind, get injured because of the comb. If damaged, the ear lobe may swell and bleed. But when you see the blood, do not panic, you need to use the tips below.

  1. It is necessary to put a bandage on the wound. You need to take a piece of cloth, whether it's a handkerchief or a towel, put it to your ear and do not remove it for five minutes (it's mandatory!), Since if you constantly check whether the blood stopped or not, it just will not have time to fold.
  2. If, after five minutes, the blood does not stop, then repeat the procedure under number 1 again only now not for five minutes, but for 10 minutes apply a bandage. The main thing is to keep the bandage on continuously.
  3. When the blood stops, be sure to wipe the wound with a cotton disc moistened with alcohol solution.

After tearing the ear lobe, can goirritation. The lobe blushes, the wound gets wet, there will be swelling, itching. The same symptoms can occur on the earrings, on antibacterial ointment, which lubricates the puncture of the lobule.

To remove these symptoms you need:

  1. Observe the hygiene of the ear. Wipe wounds with alcohol solution, wear only clean earrings - wipe all earrings with alcohol.
  2. Do not wear earrings that contain nickel,many it causes allergies. Jewelery at all should not be worn. In some, allergies cause gold of 585 tests, since it has traces of nickel. Such women should pay attention to earrings made of high-grade silver or non-allergy-causing steel.

If you constantly swollen, blushing, itches your ear- Try every day smear with antiseptic ointment or wipe with alcohol solution. Do not wear heavy or long earrings immediately after a puncture. He needs time to heal for at least two months. Do not pierce the ear, as there is cartilage, which is completely invulnerable to infection. The cartilage is almost not supplied with blood, therefore it has less leukocytes than in the earlobe, it will be more difficult to fight infection. If there is an infection, the cartilage will deform, it will lose its elasticity. It is not necessary to do such experiments, it can lead to ugliness of the auricle.

If the lobe of the ear has worn out and you want to continue wearing earrings, see a doctor, he will put a seam that will leave the hole.

If after tearing the ear lobe:

  1. She blushed very much.
  2. Has strongly swelled up.
  3. Hot to the touch.
  4. There was a pus.

In this case, consult a doctor. The wound is most likely infected. The doctor will conduct the examination and prescribe the treatment. If, after a puncture, the lobe was torn, it turns out a hole is very big and not beautiful, there are long cracks in the ear lobe. This is not difficult to fix! Address to the doctor, he will correct a defect that they completely did not tear.