Apples from swelling

Cope with edema help diet

Edema is a very common problem in women. The causes of edema can be very different: monthly, disorders in the body systems. Swelling of the contour of the face, bags under the eyes, and in the evening - unfastened boots.

To facilitate the withdrawal of fluid from the body andreduce edema can apply special diets. Such diets also allow you to cope with excess fat and are useful for patients who are obese, disruptive functioning of the endocrine system, as well as for people who lack movement during the day.

Antidiarrheal diets can cause exacerbationsexisting chronic diseases, therefore, before they are tested, you should always consult a doctor. Along with swelling, the extra pounds can also disappear: almost all dietary restrictions are directed not only to the overall health of the body, but also to weight loss.

There are several variants of decongestant diets: protein, fat, meat-fish, protein, fat, liquid, vegetarian, combined.

Tea diet with edema

It is recommended for diseases of the stomach and intestines, accompanied by edema of internal organs.

During the day, you need to drink 6-7 glasses of loose black tea with the addition of a small amount of sugar.

Very useful for all organs and systems. Apple juice helps to remove slags from the body, has a mild diuretic effect, and also helps to remove accumulated fluid from the tissues.

For a day you need to eat about 2 kg of fresh apples (preferably not very sweet varieties). You can also prepare a fruit salad with the addition of sweet roots, lemon juice and low-fat mayonnaise.

Diet from edema during menstruation

In the premenstrual period, many womencomplain of swelling of the legs in the ankle joint area, and also note the appearance of swelling under the eyes. Often the fluctuations in the hormonal background are exacerbated if the food ration was picked up incorrectly.

To improve well-being and reduce edemashould limit the use of products containing caffeine - black coffee, strong black tea, Coca-Cola, confectionery products with coffee taste, etc. It is also necessary to abandon, if possible, digestible carbohydrates - candy, cakes, sweet soda water, canned juices. It is advisable to include in the daily diet plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals, cooked on the water. As a source of protein, it is recommended to use soy products, beans, peas.

Oily, heavy food should also be excludedfrom the diet. You can eat lean veal, sea fish fillet, fat-free sour cream and drinking yogurt. Oil and nuts, as well as spicy and spicy canned food, are best left until the next phase of the menstrual cycle begins.

Mixed Diet for Edema

The only contraindication to this variant of diet therapy is the individual intolerance of dairy products.

Drink a day 5-6 cups of milk, no more than 300g boiled beef, and about 70 grams of fresh vegetables. All these foods should be divided into several small portions. Meat can be replaced with fish fillets.

Oatmeal diet from swelling

Such a diet is indicated for all types of diabetes, obesity, heart failure.

During the day, you need to eat about 500 grams of oatmealFlakes boiled in water without the addition of salt and oil. Take food in small portions. Kasha can be drunk with a decoction of rose hips or herbal tea.

For this version of the diet will need about 20ripe cucumbers of medium size. This amount should be divided into 4-5 servings and eaten throughout the day. If the feeling of hunger prevents you from falling asleep, you can have dinner with lean beef or boil one soft-boiled egg. Because the cucumber contains a lot of water, no additional drink is needed.

The choice of vegetables for the discharge diet is limited to the individual characteristics of the patient: for certain diseases it is not recommended to use certain types of products.

The total number of vegetables eaten per day is notshould exceed 1.5 kg. You can eat culinary processing or eat it raw, use it for salads and vinaigrettes with refined unrefined sunflower oil.

For the day you need to eat 500 g unsalted boiledfish fillet (for 5 receptions). As a side dish, you can use fresh or steamed vegetables: cabbage, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes. Drink food can boiled water, weak tea, herbal infusions.

Watermelon diet from edema

Recommended as a cleaning procedurewith various diseases of the kidneys and other organs of the genitourinary system, stagnation of bile, swelling of the subcutaneous tissue. This variant of the diet contributes to the rapid removal of excess fluid from the body. In a day you can eat up to 2 kg of watermelon flesh (for a few tricks).

Cottage cheese diet with edema

There are several options for curd diets.

  • 1. During the day, you need to eat 400 g low-fat fresh cottage cheese, dividing it into 4 equal portions. To improve the taste, you can add bran, fresh fruit, vegetables, berries.
  • 2. From the specified quantity of cottage cheese it is possible to prepare a casserole with a stuffing from boiled dried fruits or vegetables. Sugar, salt and synthetic flavors should not be added. To drink cottage cheese it is possible skim kefir or broth from dry fruits of a dogrose cinnamon.
  • 3. For a day (in several receptions) you need to eat 300 g of fresh fat-free cottage cheese and drink 5 glasses of sour or fresh milk.
  • 4. 500 grams of cottage cheese should be divided into 5-6 portions. You can drink with kefir or liquid yoghurt.

Kefir diet also allows the body to quickly get rid of accumulated toxins.

1.5 liters of very fresh low-fat kefir you need to drink during the day in small portions. You can also eat one juicy fruit or vegetable.

Meat diet helps to cope with swelling

For a day you need to eat about 400 grams of beef,dividing into 4-5 servings. Meat should be boiled without salt and other additives. As a side dish, you can use boiled carrots or beets. To wash down food follows a weak tea or decoction from the hips.

This diet provides a very fasta positive effect with kidney disease, heart problems and other ailments accompanied by severe swelling. During the day you need to drink 6 glasses of compote from dried fruits (prunes, apples, pears, peaches, etc.) and eat about 100 g of boiled rice, dividing it into small portions.

Juice diet against edema

Juice dithe as well helps with obesity of all kinds, as well as atherosclerosis, hypertension, cardiac disorders accompanied by swelling.

All juices should be drunk in very small sips,retaining fluid in the mouth. On 2 parts of freshly squeezed carrot juice it is necessary to take 1 part of the beet, mix and refrigerate for 2 hours. The resulting mixture should be used for 5 meals during the day. To drown out the growing feeling of hunger, you can chew a cabbage leaf or a piece of carrot, and eat 1 tbsp. spoon of fat-free sour cream.

Milk diet with edema

For this diet, you need natural cowmilk without preservatives. For the day you need to drink at least 1 liter (a little every 1.5-2 hours). Milk should be drunk in small sips, holding the liquid in your mouth. This diet is contraindicated for people with individual milk intolerance. In some cases it is permissible to replace it with fermented milk products (kefir, fermented milk, varenets) or goat's milk, which is easily digested.

Antidiarrheal diet, useful for the liver

This diet, aimed at the normalization of metabolism, is recommended for various liver diseases, as well as hypertension and nephropathy.

You will need: 500 g of various dried fruits: raisins, dried apricots, prunes, and apricots. During the day, you need to eat the steamed fruit for 5 meals, squeezed them with a small amount of warm water or loose tea. You can also drink compote from dried fruits.

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