Othella muscles after exercise

Poison_Apple The Thinker (6495), closed 3 years ago

On the morning after training (no torture,a complex of exercises based on yoga, stretching + a little cardio) there was a strong pain in the muscles of the legs, but by the evening almost passed. So repeated three days, three days in a row continued to engage in spite of pain. In the morning on the 4th day I was confused when I noticed that the thighs were swollen, and it was very noticeable. To the touch, the muscles are very hard, the stones straight, they do not loosen up, they hurt, visually the front part of the thigh looks wider than usual. Is it really an edema or something? What did I do wrong, maybe I should not have been doing 3 days without a break? And the main thing: how to remove it now quickly?

Petr Borisov Master (1601) 3 years ago

My opinion: For 3 days in a row it really was not necessary, it is necessary to take breaks for 2-3 days. Pain due to lactic acid (appears during the decay of glucose, after physical exertion). it's not scary to go through just doing a deep massage (including through pain) in the heat. "Edema" is probably not swelling, and since the muscles are hard, they are most likely just tense (spasm). you need to take a warm, even quite a hot bath, long enough, after also a massage. After that, also because of the acid, pain can continue, make a break 2-3 days, acid will come out of the muscles and everything will pass. Heavy loads can not be applied immediately, to immature muscles to apply. Well, you need to more carefully approach the warm-up, let's run around the hall for 10-15 minutes and so on.
This is all true if you previously did not notice and do not suffer from any kind of ailment associated with your legs (varicose veins are acceptable).

Poison_Apple The Thinker (6495) 3 years ago

That's the thing every now and then, I have one leg afteroperation (the operation was last year). The varicose veins have a place to be, but in an easy kind, diosmin I drink, but I do not see much sense. The exercises themselves are not forceful, that is, there is no violence against their legs.

Petr Borisov Master (1601) Are you sure that the pain in the muscles? Can there be pain in the tendons (the fibers with which the muscles attach to the bones)? If in the tendons, then for the yoga it is normal, they in such exercises are stretched (stretching the muscles in half is stretching the tendons).

Vladimir Sakhnenko Artificial Intelligence (144334) 3 years ago

Drink analgin from pain, paracetamol from inflammation, ointment ketoprofen

Konstantin Lazarev Expert (336) 3 years ago

When I shook caviar, it also happened that the load was on the left leg, and eventually pumped the right caviar. Then a week goes. Nothing serious, now I'm feeling fine)