Decongestants for the ears


  1. Disputable medicines in the treatment of shock

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. Controversial medicinal facilities in the treatment of shock Some controversial medicinal facilities, used in the treatment of shock.

Medicinal products facilities, used to treat shock, include inotropes, vasodilators, antibiotics, diuretics, chronotropic agents.

Each drug means has both a positive and a side effect.

For example, such inotropic facilities, like dopamine and dobutamine, can be effective in treating cardiogenic shock, as they increase cardiac output. More information:

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  • Treatment of sinusitis in allergic patients

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    . You should prescribe antibiotics, decongestants drugs, mucolytics, corticosteroids and nose irrigation procedures, as in acute or chronic sinusitis.

    Because during anaphylactic orimmediate allergic reaction the main product released is histamine, for the treatment of sinusitis with an allergic basis, usually prescribed antihistamines facilities.

    Unlike first-generation drugs, these medicinal facilities Do not cause the appearance of dryness and the formation of crusts.

    it means affects late stage acuteallergic reaction, its use is limited to the prevention and treatment of sinusitis caused by allergic hyperemia. More information:

  • How did I get rid of it?

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    . The surgeon said that this is an atheroma (sebaceous cyst cyst) and there are no more means, except how to cut.

    As relatives did not lag behind, I tried folk facilities: he put cabbage leaves with honey, a foil of eggs, ate cinnamon, and was already thinking of applying urine.

    In the end she wrote that she managed to significantly reduce atheroma face urine application (urinotherapy). More information:

  • Examination of paralysis of the facial nerve for decompression

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    . If face remains fixed or incomprehensible when exactly face was paralyzed, a more accurate method should be used to quantify the residual activity of paretic person, - electroneuronography. More information:

  • The ideal surgical method of skin regeneration

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    . Some procedures on the aging face It is safer to perform in combination with others, such as blepharoplasty or surgical skin tightening faces. More information:

  • The most acceptable methods for restoring a wound on the face

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    . The most acceptable methods for restoring a wound to face Because the face - this is a zone where compression can not be applied,For bonding the edges of the wound, a plaster can be applied on it, but only if the edges are exactly closed. More information:

  • How to treat okolgasmal and orbital cellulite?

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    . An incision and drainage of any abscess on face or centuries.

    Begin treatment with intravenous administration of broad-spectrum antibiotics, as needed decongestantsfacilities in the nose in the aerosol, three times a day, the erythromycin ointment is applied, if there is a symptom of an inverted age with the exposure of the cornea. More information:

  • What are the realistic goals of rhytidectomy?

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    . Rhytidectomy can only affect the lower 2/3 faces and the neck line.

    Can be corrected: the skin's slackness at the bottom faces and jaws, flabbiness of the neck, deformation, giving the appearance of a turkey, bevelled corner of the neck and chin.

    Concomitant procedures such as forehead wrinkle smoothing, blepharoplasty and skin replacement are often performed simultaneously with rhytidectomy to create a more complete rejuvenation effect faces. More information:

  • Classification of funds to support cardiac activity

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    . Classification means for the support of cardiac activity Classification of medicinal means to support cardiac activity in threatening circumstances by the definition of the American Heart Association. More information:

  • Four funds of class I with cardiac arrest

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    . Four facilities class I with cardiac arrest Four facilities class I, most commonly used in cardiac arrest. More information:

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