After mammoplasty, the swelling turns yellow between the breasts

Mammoplasty do or not do?

Mammoplasty is surgery for correction and plasticity of the breast. This includes lifting the breasts, changing the shape, reducing and enlarging the breast.

Mammoplasty is performed in the case of a sharpBreast augmentation while maintaining resilience and location. This kind of aesthetic surgery is also shown with the lowering of the breast (ptosis), with a micromastia (small chest).

Mammoplasty is contraindicated in cases of serious diseases of internal organs, with infectious and oncological pathologies, and with clotting disorders.

Before operation it is necessary to hand over standardanalyzes (general blood and urine tests, blood coagulogram, biochemical blood test, ECG, tests for hepatitis, AIDS), as well as ultrasound examination of mammary glands.

Two weeks before surgery, hormonal contraceptives and drugs that affect blood clotting (aspirin, Alka-Seltzer) can not be taken.

After surgery, depending on the conditionthe patient is discharged the next day or the same day. In the first days after mammoplasty, there may be swelling of the chest, tension of the skin at the site of surgery. Swelling subsides a week later. Within 2 to 3 days, pain in the chest area is possible, which calms down after taking medications prescribed by the doctor.

Within a month after the operation, you need to wear special compression underwear. A week after the operation, you can return to work, but heavy loads should be avoided.