Have removed adenoides and the edema does not descend or go

We suffered from adenoids from 3 years, treated with differentdegree of success. 008: Finally, before the school, I gave up and we pulled them out. 0094: And for a long time already, in May. I thought this would end the problem. It was not there. 079: The child still opens his mouth and breathes mouth all the time. Right at least glue it. How to teach to breathe through the nose?
Most likely it's a habit.Try to inflate the balls (only carefully so that they do not burst), respectively, inhale with your nose and blow out with your mouth, pour in a glass of water, add shampoo and through a straw let the baby bubble with water, again inhaling air through the nose and, of course, constantly remind that the mouth should be closed, Yes, and check the state of the nose-mouth closed, close the finger first one nostril, then the other. If the nose breathes well, try to follow these simple recommendations.

At us too longly enough after an adenoid nosecould not breathe, a strong edema was held. I do not remember what, but we were prescribed something. But to me, it seems we had more allergic background, because. after a course of antihistamines. drugs we are much better. And always at hand, "saline" wash your nose.

if the nose breathes well, you can still offer such an exercise. give a toothpick, that he would clamp her lips and teeth and so go :)