How long does the edema come after mammoplasty

Correction of the bust by surgical techniqueIntervention in medicine has a special term - mammoplasty. This operation is performed, as a rule, for aesthetic purposes to improve the shape of the mammary glands, to increase their volume, to restore the appearance after rapid weight loss, pregnancy, trauma, eliminate asymmetry, etc.

Enhancing plastic breast surgeryimplies the use of various endoprostheses. This is the most actual and effective variant of surgical correction of the bust volume with scanty risks. As endoprostheses, eco-friendly implants are made of silicone raw materials. In reliable licensed clinics they are selected strictly in person and have first-class certificates.

Modern magnifying mammoplastyoffers patients of medical institutions a variety of implants, differentiated in form, materials, characteristics and features of use. Breast augmentation through round endoprostheses is a fairly common practice in the world of modern plastic medicine. Often implant and kaplievidnye products. The shell of both is formed from a chemically inactive, environmentally friendly and durable composition. High-quality endoprostheses for bust have a textured relief, which eliminates the risk of developing fibrosis after mammoplasty. Inside is a special gel that makes implants of all kinds of plastic, naturally soft. Even in the case of rupture of the outer layer of the endoprosthesis, the internal substance does not spread.

Practicing endoscopic surgical techniques,mini-invasive technologies and other modern plastic know-how, physicians are able to turn even the most problematic breast into a spectacular, elastic, voluminous, and, most importantly, natural bust. Mammoplasty using high-quality endoprostheses allows the patient to conceal the fact of surgical correction of the mammary glands, because the traces of the operation disappear quite soon.

Before the procedure, it is advisable to undergo medicalexamination in the office of a specialist in mammary glands, to study the history of the practice of the chosen medical center, to discuss with the plastic surgeon all the nuances of the forthcoming correction, to ask all the exciting questions. For example, how long will the swelling after mammoplasty go? How long will implants be implanted without replacement? What means of care for mammary glands, and what linen after mammoplasty should be used in the future?

A qualified surgeon is required to pre-to examine the patient's chest, to make the most important measurements, to reveal the individual characteristics of the bust, to analyze the age, the condition of the skin and the whole organism, to study the medical indices, to determine and explain to the client the indications for the forthcoming surgical intervention. Often, along with the correction of the volume, the doctor recommends a tightening of the bust, a course of therapeutic massage, the reception of a complex of preparations for the full improvement of the type, surface, volume and shape of the breast.