Edema of the testis after surgery spermatoceles

Andrey Konovalov Pupil (102), on the ballot 3 years ago

One year ago have performed operation varikotsele at the left, notI know even by what method, somewhere on the 8th day, the testicle swelled, and it became 2 times more somewhere. He came to the surgeon, he said that it happens, said to come in half a year. Well, I have come, nothing has passed, he said that everything is fine, it should be so. Then he came back after another half a year yesterday because he worries me, again said that everything is good, a year later he said to come again, that now it is 1.5 times more than the right one, he said that it's normal. There are no pains, it is only more sensitive. What to do with it?

Updated 3 years ago

Well, can anybody say about what this could be?

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Lilecek Pupil (123) 3 years ago

to another doctor, on a fee basis, try to go.

Roman30rus Pupil (162) 2 months ago

Hi Andrew! I have the same question, the same situation. I wanted you to pointerisovatsya, you cured it? And How? I am also very worried!