Subcutaneous edema of the trunk near the fetus

What is the double contour of the fetus (the fetal head) on ultrasound?
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When an ultrasound diagnosis of pregnancy, the doctor receivesa lot of information about the condition of the fetus, and some terms can very frighten the expectant mother. Among such frightening information is the double contour of the head and trunk of the fetus. With what such changes can be connected at ultrasonic inspection and whether they are dangerous?

Double head contour, what does this mean?

In general, a double contour for ultrasound means the appearanceedema of the subcutaneous adipose tissue of a child. The skin forms one contour, and the subcutaneous tissue is the second. The expressed accumulation of a liquid the reason of the raised or increased echogenicity of these fabrics and a characteristic picture on US.

Edema of the fetus always says that the babysuffers, the water-salt balance is violated. With a dead child with a frozen pregnancy, everything is clear (there is an accumulation of fluid in the tissues because there is no normal metabolism, this is called maceration of the fetus). At the birth of a dead macerated child, the skin simply lags behind the tissues, easily tears and exfoliates. And due to what can a double contour of the embryo or fetus appear if he is alive?

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