Muscle keeps on swelling after mammoplasty

Do not yourself, without discussing with a doctor, buy compression post-operative underwear.

The doctor may ascribe you to wear as a special compression bra, and a sports bra, pressing bandage, or - in general, do not wear anything during this period.

All are directly dependent on type of mammoplasty and the experience of a plastic surgeon who will operate you. That is why his recommendations should be prioritized for you.

The second point is timing. How long does it take to wear compression underwear after mammoplasty? It is also necessary to adhere to the instructions of the surgeon.

Compression after mammoplasty - what should I know?

And what is the general purpose of compression linen? Why should I wear it?

  • Compression linen will help implants take their places;
  • protect them from unwanted bias;
  • protect the breast tissue and postoperative suture;
  • controls swelling.

Therefore, in the overwhelming majority of cases, doctors will insist that you wear postoperative linen for at least 2 weeks, not removing it either by day or by night.

But then there is issue of hygiene - Lingerie must be washed, and what to wear while itdried? Do you need to buy several sets of postoperative compression linen? Considering that compression underwear after mammoplasty is very expensive, and there will be no need for it in the future, the second set of buying somehow does not want at all.

The first week of leaving the breast without supportcompression linen - you can not. And since the second week, you can take it off to wash and dry, and even do not wear anything in these few hours, if you allow yourself to relax and soak in bed. Or wear a sporty elastic bra for this time - for safety.

Is it possible to replace compression lingerie with a sports bra?

This is a frequent question from patients - can you save money and do not buy a specialized bra for $ 50 +, and replace it with a simple sports bra?

It seems that the term "compression" is misleading the patient. Medical compression lingerie for breast augmentation reliably keeps the implant in position. while a sports bra createsuniform pressure throughout the chest, striving to squash it. And does not allow the implant to shift. What is good, if the implant is torn somewhere where we do not need it, but it's bad if the implant is still high, but I want it to sink faster.

Therefore, even at those intervals when the compression bra will be in the wash, it is better to consult a surgeon who operated on you than to replace it.

Can I wear a regular bra instead of post-operative linen?

Correctly matched bra (soft, withoutossicles, with a clasp in the front) indeed, will support the breast and implant, but does not control the swelling. And more importantly, in cases where the technique of breast augmentation does not provide for the natural fixation of the upper pole of the implant by the pectoral muscle (for example, when the implant is placed above the muscle or in the axial approach - the installation through the incision in the axilla), the implant supported by the usual bra from below not fixed from above, under its own weight can bend forward, which will give the chest a saggy look (nipples look down). Look where there will be incisions for breast augmentation.

And my surgeon told me not to wear any linen at all

Indeed, sometimes surgeons recommend not wearing any compression underwear, nor sports, nor a simple bra in the first weeks after the operation.

Or vice versa - insist on a tight bandage with an elastic bandage through the upper pole of the implant. The purpose of this compression is to force it into the prepared pocket.

Why such a difference in recommendations? Because, as well as housewives - each in its own prepares borscht, and surgeons - each doing the operation "according to your prescription."

Some believe that the pocket needs to be made higher, so that under its own weight the implant stretches it and rises to its place, others have a pocket so that it fixes the implant firmly at once.

Someone thinks that the process of loweringstimulate and pressure bandage is the right thing, others prefer a longer but more natural stretching of the soft tissue of the breast under the weight of the implants, believing that excessive pressure can lead to spasmodic pectoral muscle and the formed pocket for the implant may be due to this lost.

Some surgeons recommend not to wear underwear during the day, but to wear it at night - to prevent the implants from moving to the sides.

We emphasize - this is not the whim of surgeons, butrecommendations based on their technique and their personal experience in mammamoplasty. Therefore, you must follow the recommendations of your surgeon, and not advice from the forum, even if the interviewee assures you that she did so and she has all "O'Key".

But in most cases you will receive from a surgeonrecommendations for the first months of wearing just after surgery, specifically designed for the recovery period after mammoplasty. Compression bra has many advantages:

Compression bra after mammoplasty does not irritate incisions .

  • reduces swelling after surgery;
  • accelerates the process of wound healing;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • purifies the body of potentially harmful liquids;
  • supports the implants in the correct position;
  • helps the skin to adjust to the new contours of the chest,

And as a whole, it helps the patient to feel comfortable, protected and promotes a quicker return to normal everyday routine.

Medical compression mammoplasty underwear is available in a wide range of sizes, from X-small to XXL, and in a variety of colors, including flesh, beige, white, pink and black.

The photo on the left shows a bra with bags for drainage, an expander, and a supporting lining. Such postoperative linen is intended for the recovery period after mastectomy, breast cancer surgery, and breast reduction surgery.

And although wearing medical compression clothes is notvery tempting, the usual lace bras (but pitted) you can wear only after six to eight weeks. About when you can wear a brassiere and how it should be read here - a bra after breast augmentation. And in this article recommendations for choosing a swimsuit for the chest after the increase.

Cost of compression postoperative linen for mammoplasty

Usually there is no need to buy compressionbra alone - he is selected by the size of a surgeon and is included in the cost of the operation. If it is not so, then you will have to buy your own clothes.

According to the patients, it proved to be good Native. The average cost of Native aftercare under breast surgery is $ 50.

Good compression, the fabric breathes, comfortable to the body.

A large selection of models aimed at specific moments in the postoperative period.

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