Potential patient problem with swelling of the quinta

(angioedema, anaphylactic shock)

1. Potential patient problem with Quinck's swelling

a) swelling of the lips b) swelling of the eyelids c) chest pain d) choking

2. Anaphylactic shock occurs more often with the administration of a drug

a) inside b) inhalation c) parenterally d) sublingually

3. For the treatment of anaphylactic shock,

a) adrenaline, prednisolone, penicillin b) euphyllin, mezaton, dibasol

c) epinephrine, hemodez, heparin d) epinephrine, euphyllin, prednisolone

4. Emergency care for anaphylactic shock is

a) in the treatment room b) in the emergency room

c) in the ward d) at the place of development

5. Priority problem of the patient with Quinck's swelling

a) swelling of the face b) skin itching c) convulsions

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