Cowberry as a diuretic for edema

inexpensive, convenient (in filter bags), fast acting

bitter taste

Leaves cranberries contain many useful substances and have not only a diuretic effect, but also anti-inflammatory.
I met them when I was pregnant. At 8-9 months there were terrible swelling of the abdomen and legs, my doctor advised the leaves of cranberries. They are of plant origin, so you can drink without fear for the health of the baby in the womb.
However, when I went to the pharmacy, the pharmacistsaid that they are categorically contraindicated in pregnancy. Apparently, how many doctors - so many opinions. I still bought and tried, because lying in a hospital with edema is not very pleasant.
It is convenient to brew, although it tastes bitter, buttolerant. Of side effects - an allergy, I did not have. Acted almost immediately - swelling subsided, but did not completely go away. But leaves of cranberries helped to reach pregnancy.

Overall Impression. good diuretic for edema