Compress of vodka from edema

Vodka compress is very commonway of treatment at home. It helps to expand blood vessels, which in turn provides more intensive blood flow to the inflamed areas. Vodka compress helps to dissolve a painful focus, and is also effective in removing the edema. The use of this type of compress helps to significantly reduce pain.

Apply vodka compress is recommended in the following cases:

- with various inflammatory processes that occur in the joints;

- to remove the effects of bruises or wounds, but it is necessary to apply only a few days after receiving them;

- to eliminate the infiltration caused by the preparation of a medicinal injection;

- during the onset of pain syndromes, both chronic and sudden;

- with inflammatory processes of the throat.

To put a vodka compress is quite simple, but alsoin this seemingly easy matter there are nuances. To begin with, you will need a small piece of gauze or a soft cloth and a piece of polyethylene slightly larger in size than the gauze, as well as cotton wool and bandage.

First, urinate gauze with vodka and is applied toa sick place. From above it is covered with polyethylene, and then with cotton wool - and everything is bandaged. These procedures are carried out in order to keep the heat received for a longer period of time. If there is a possibility, you can still tie a warm handkerchief over the bandage.

On a sore spot, such a compress should befrom six to twelve o'clock. After removal in its place should put a warm, but already dry bandage. It is better to put the compress at night, and after it is removed for several hours it is advisable not to go out, it's better to stay warm.

Vodka compress on the throat well helps withangina. When applying such a compress, it is necessary to leave the neck region where the thyroid gland is located, and apply the entire compress only to the posterior and lateral surfaces thereof. After removing the compress is not recommended to go out.

Vodka compress on the ear is put in the presence ofvarious inflammatory processes in this organ. It is applied around the auricle, so in gauze, polyethylene and cotton wool, it is necessary to make a hole for it. This compress should be placed for a short time, about 2-4 hours, at night is not recommended

A vodka compress helps effectively combatsuch a problem as hemostones of heels. First they are stripped in a saline solution (per liter of water a spoonful of salt). After that, the compress is made of vodka on the heel, which is there all night.

It is good to treat the woundsa vodka compress from a tincture of a nettle. It is not difficult to cook it. To do this, it is necessary to pour the leaves of the nettle into the bottle and pour them with vodka, then insist for about two weeks. The bottle must be in the sun. Apply such a compress as follows: the wound is pre-washed and put a compress on it. It should be changed in three hours.

Sometimes with improper application of vodkacompress it can, instead of a warming effect, cause the patient to chill. The reason for this may be non-compliance with the sequence of overlaying layers or polyethylene (oilcloth) has not completely covered the cloth, moistened with vodka.

Do not apply a compress of vodka, if there isabscesses and open wounds. It is contraindicated in all cancers, with purulent otitis, pleurisy and bronchitis. In order to avoid complications, it is necessary to consult a specialist before applying this type of compress. The independent decision-making on the imposition of a vodka compress can cause an aggravation of the diseases that the patient has.