Pain in small joints without swelling

Most often for the treatment of this pathology use the following drugs:

Actea spicata Ammonium phosphicum Benzoicum acidum Berberis Caulophyllum Colchicum Ledum Lithium carbonicumLycopodium Ruta Sabina Silicea Viola odorata

Actea spicata(Actaea of ​​the Speak)
Pain and deformity of the small joints of the limbs.

Rheumatic pain in the small joints of the wrist, fingers, in the joints of the toes.

Swelling of the joints with little fatigue. Swelling of the brushes, their redness, deterioration from any movement.

Paralytic weakness of the hands. Feeling of weakness in the hands.
Pain in the wrists.

Ammonium phosphoricum(Ammonium phosphoricum)
Deformation of the joints, mainly the brushes. Nodes on the joints of the fingers and the back of the hands.

Feeling of cold at the slightest draft.

Benzoicum acidum(Benzoicum Acidum)
Rheumatic polyarthritis of small joints. Crunch in the joints when moving.

Tearing, stitching pain. Bunion of the big toe. Tearing pain in the big toe.

Rheumatic, gouty pain in hands and fingers, feet.

Neuralgic pain under the fingernails with swelling of the joints of the fingers.

Stitching pain between the bones of the metatarsus, as from a hammered nail.

Significant fatigue in the legs and lameness even after a short walk.

Pain in the small joints of the lower and upper extremities without pronounced morphological changes.

Severe pulling, wandering pain and stiffness in the small joints of the fingers.

Dull, prolonged pain in the wrists. Sharp pain when squeezing hands.

Wandering pain, changing the location every few minutes.
Rheumatoid polyarthritis of small joints of feet and hands, especially in women.

A remedy for an acute attack of gouty articular pains with a characteristic localization in small joints.

Tearing pain in warm weather; sharp, burning pain - in the cold.

Feeling of piercing needles and pins in hands and wrists, numbness of fingertips.

Limbs weak, lameness, tingling sensation.

The pain intensifies in the evenings and in warm weather. Inflammation of the big toe.

Tingling in the nail area of ​​the fingers. Edema and cold snap.

Ledum (Ledum)
Pain in the small joints of the lower extremities, especially in the first metatarsophalangeal joint with its deformity and inflammation, as well as in the knee joints.

Refers to gouty remedies. Gouty pain shooting through the entire foot, especially small joints.

Joints swollen, hot, pale. Swelling of the thumb pad.

Soreness of soles, barely able to step on them. The feet are easily pivoted.
Man suffers from heat.
Pain increases with the slightest movement.

The defeat of only small joints, when pain intensifies from heat and decreases in icy water.

Lithium carbonicum(Lithium carbonicum)
Swelling and redness of small joints with severe sensitivity.
Chronic affection of knee joints and small joints of lower extremities.

Numerous arthritic symptoms, rheumatism, gout, metabolic disorders.

Contractures of fingers and toes. Numbness of hands and feet. The right foot is hot, the left one is cold.

Cramps in the toes at night in bed.

Drawing and tearing pain in the limbs.

Gout with calcareous deposits in the joints.

Pain and paralysis in both wrists, worsening in cold weather, relief during movement.

Cramps in the fingers. Pain and a feeling of stiffness in the area of ​​wrists and hands.

Pain in the bones of the feet and ankles. Severe anxiety.

Swelling of the wrists and joints of the foot fingers. Sudden sharp pain in the heels and bones of the metatarsus (feet).

Deterioration in a hotly heated room.

Hands are trembling when they perform purposeful actions. The feet are cold, like ice, and sweat a lot.

Limbs easily numb when they are pressed down.

In the tips of the fingers, there is a feeling, like with suppuration.

Viola odorata(Viola is fucked up)
Pain and deformity of the small joints of the limbs. Pressing pain in the area of ​​the right wrist and metacarpal joints.