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Cough with laryngitis is enougha common phenomenon. Everyone will agree that it is cough that is one of the most unpleasant catarrhal symptoms. Very often, with such a disease as laryngitis, it can be quite painful. Also cough seriously interferes with normal and habitual physical activity, and long and long-term - in a position to truly torment a person.

Often the laryngitis and cough that itaccompanies, delivers some psychological discomfort. As a rule, cough is paroxysmal that during the business meeting, meeting or lesson attracts the attention of others, thereby giving a lot of inconvenience to both the patient and the people who are nearby.

It is not at all surprising that laryngitis, whichusually causes cough, requires prompt and quality treatment. Even after a couple of days of torment, there is a desire to start treatment and purchase such medications as the specialist will appoint. The help and consultation of the doctor is very important, because the cause of such a phenomenon as coughing, can be not only laryngitis.

What usually causes a cough?

If a person suffers from such a problem aslaryngitis, cough is a reflex response of the body, which usually occurs if the respiratory tract is irritated by some specific factors.

In case the cough is associated with laryngitis,which in turn can be caused by bacteria and viruses, a reflex in the form of a cough works in response to the irritation of these microorganisms by the mucosa of the respiratory tract.

Cough with a disease like laryngitis, canbe different. Everything depends on the severity of the disease, on the timeliness of the treatment and on the quality of the medicines. With inflammation of the larynx cough can be:

  • Rough and barking, which is usually accompanied by a strong hoarseness of the voice or its complete loss, which is so characteristic of laryngitis;
  • If there is a slight burning in the larynx or pain behind the sternum, one can suspect the complication of this disease - tracheitis.

As a rule, laryngitis is accompanied by a nasal andpainful cough, while creating a feeling that the throat is simply torn from the inside. This phenomenon requires serious treatment on a mandatory basis, different medicines and sweets at the initial stage will not help.

Treatment of dry cough for this disease

Cough with laryngitis can be quite easywin, especially if you immediately turn to a specialist who will prescribe the most effective drugs. Usually, after a few days, you can completely get rid of problems with poor health and almost complete absence of irritating symptoms. Then it's enough to take special syrups for a while and everything will pass.

Usually, with this disease begins drycough. The first days are accompanied by symptoms such as hoarse voice, fever, and a persistent cough that causes quite a lot of discomfort. This is due to the fact that the mucosa of the throat is very swollen and all the processes in it are difficult. Treatment is necessary to begin here immediately, since even the usual salivation gives quite a lot of problems.

Treatment of dry cough requires competent treatment. Immediately after its appearance, it is necessary to introduce into the diet a warm drink with softening additives. This includes such effective compounds as tea with lemon and honey. The number of such tea drinking should be maximum. It is the warm drink that is used as an effective treatment that promotes the processes of producing productive cough and facilitating sputum evacuation. Immediately after this, medication begins, which can not only alleviate, but completely cure a dry cough, it quickly passes.

As a rule, each disease is accompanied byits specific symptom, but such a phenomenon as barking cough, accompanies only laryngitis. In the early days, along with him, there is no process of sputum discharge, and when listening to the expert, he detects noise during breathing and screeching. Treatment in this period is based on the removal of an increasing edema of the mucosa, it can be called quite traditional.

Of course, there are some features, butmost methods have been tested and have been used for a long time. At the initial period it is important to abandon mucolytics, which usually cause the process of expectoration. But do not forget about the constant rinses, after which some time is not recommended anything to drink and eat. Such qualitative treatment will help to remove swelling of laryngitis and alleviate the condition of the patient.

The doctor who prescribes treatment with modernmedicines, prescribes funds based on codeine. These funds include "Terpinkod" and "Kodelak". No less effective drugs based on dextromethorphan. Such drugs quickly enough affect directly on the cough center with laryngitis and almost completely suppress it.

A large number ofmedicines made on a similar basis, they are all dispensed without a prescription. Among them, relatively popular are "Alex Plus" and "Glikodin." If after the application of these drugs an effective and lasting result could not be achieved, special antihistamines may be prescribed, in which the allergic cough with laryngitis completely passes.

Important! It is necessary to take with great care medicines that belong to the category of antihistamines, since after their administration, as a rule, drowsiness occurs.

Regardless of the type of medication,take them strictly according to the doctor's prescription. Usually a specialist after the examination and taking into account all the individual characteristics of the patient and the severity of his illness gives appropriate prescriptions for the treatment of laryngitis.

Cough syrup with laryngitis

Currently, it is customary to treat thisdisease through the use of special syrups that help quickly get rid of the problem, and the most effective and safe method. What kind of syrup is better to treat, directly depends on the prescriptions of the doctor, as well as on the active ingredient that is present in this or that drug. Many specialists in this disease prefer to treat cough with one of two syrups:

In the first, there is an active substance havingname dextromethorphan. The essence of his action is based on the fact that the threshold of sensitivity in the cough center is seriously increased, in addition, certain channels are blocked, but not the respiratory center. Such a syrup is able to gently treat the disease, that is, it contributes to the almost complete suppression of this problem and the beneficial effect on the mucosa, which is affected in the course of the disease.

In turn, the medicinal syrup "Gederin"It is designed to treat the disease by the presence of an ivy extract in it. The substance acts gently, has a positive effect on the larynx, removing irritation and swelling. In addition, this syrup effectively dilutes sputum, contributing to its expectoration, as well as rapid removal of viruses and pathogens. Such remedies are effective when nothing else helps.

Sinekod - an effective remedy to cough

Currently, different codeine preparations almost completely displace funds, which are called "Sinekod."

The medicine acts directly on the center of the brain, which causes a cough, but it does not depress the breath and does not affect the motility of the intestine.

The effectiveness of such a remedy is at the highest level and from the first application unpleasant symptoms recede.

Despite the presence of a large number of positive characteristics and qualities, the funds from laryngitis have some contraindications, therefore before taking it is important to consult with a specialist.

Modern medicines and competent approach of a doctor will help to solve the problem of coughing in just a few days or cure a chronic cough of laryngitis if it does not last long.

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