The body swells after exercise

Vladislav Profi (505), closed 4 years ago

I did not go to training for more than 2 months and nowagain began to walk there and on the first day gave a load on the muscles as before (in full) The whole body hurts. but it is not important. I'm worried about one thing in the trainer's room. I gave a load on the hands (biceps, triceps) after the workout it took 2 days to unroll my hands to a maximum of 165 ° further horrible pain (when I could before 180 ° even to 185 °) how to get rid of the pain.

Updated 4 years ago

Pain in the elbow area.

Artyom Alekseevich Pupil (231) 4 years ago

nothing terrible happened young kachek! Anyone without warmed-up muscles gives a load! you have stretching fibers of muscle tissue! moisturizing mask take it from mom! for arms or hand more from a tube vidovi and I smell up to a lobe of 10 sm and above an elbow)) only before this bath hot you will notice kerculacia of a blood))) Dare! in the pre-warm up muscles with a minimum weight. )))

Alexey Vlasov Profi (503) 4 years ago

this is a natural phenomenon, especially when there are manydo not do it, then it will surely be all sick, and if it is LOCHTI (joints) that hurt then more fish. even those SARDINS in banks, along with bones, they are after all soft and useful (if the sardines are really normal cooking). strengthen the bones, joints!

Konstantin Nesterov Enlightened (46796) 4 years ago

At best, degraded for 2 monthstriceps hapnul strong peretren, in the worst - you got to re-overtake and tear of muscle tissue and / or ligament. Use ointments, do not give the load on the arm, if the elbow begins to swell or the pain does not subside - go to the doctor. And it is better to look to the traumatologist, if not laziness

xxxdotcom Sage (12960) 4 years ago

And yet I have not written that the triceps and biceps are swollen and hot most likely.
Rest now. Until they recover. It's not harmful, but you can not train.

Vladimir Profi (584) 4 years ago

At me the same was, after the first employment or occupation, not parsja, has simply stretched, will pass or I take place in couple of days, smear with ointment.