The upper eyelids become swollen

Many people perceive the swelling of the eyes asunpleasant cosmetic flaw. Meanwhile, experts swollen eyelids to signal that there is a delay in water in the body, a fast and adequate reaction of the doctor is necessary.

The safest cause of swollen eyelids is associated withgenetics, because of which the fat layer around the eyes grows. This cosmetic defect is observed from childhood and can not pass by itself.

With a one-time abuse of saltedthe eyes will swallow about a day, but in the case of a constant recurrence, not only the eyes will be swollen, there will be a serious strain on the kidneys, and other problems too.

Sunburn and eyelid swelling associated

Most lovers of sunbathing oftennote that sunburn adjoins the edema of the eyelids. So naturally the body reacts to the sun, trying to protect the eyes by accumulating moisture in the tissues of the eyelids.

Pay attention to water-salt metabolism

Long sitting in front of the monitor,the abuse of smoking and alcohol interferes with normal water-salt metabolism in the body. The elasticity of the tissues, and not only the eyelids, is lost with age, so the glossy eyelids are capable of giving age, this is well known to plastic surgeons. A frequent cause of swollen eyelids are certain diseases that lead to fluid retention in the body. With the elimination of the disease can go and swelling, but not always the process of edema formation is completely reversible.

The most serious cause of blunted eyelids happenspathology of the urinary system and kidneys. In this case, edema of the eyelids is accompanied by swelling of the extremities, bags under the eyes. No less problems are associated with violations in the work of the cardiovascular system, which provoke a whole string of diseases, each of which can cause edema.

Allergy provokes the appearance of edema of varioustype, facial tissues are damaged in the first place. With angina, colds, as well as edema of the upper respiratory tract, the eyelids swell. Owners of sinusitis swelling around the eyes along with swollen tissues of the face.

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