Swollen knees

Sorry, but it reminds me of an anecdote: "I have been ill for 95 years already with this disease, and I hope to be ill for another twenty years." Do a search for the phrase "Syndrome of weak connective tissue." Dysplasia of connective tissue, much will become clear. (hint - pain is not associated with veins, and hernia and varicose are related)

and if there were cases of stealing in your house when you found out immediately after the departure of guests + sm ext.

http: //otvet.mail.ru / question / 28496579 / after the question I remembered a case in my house, a friend came with a 2-nd sister, which I saw for the first time, after the departure I discovered the loss of earrings (a set of earrings and a ring were donated by my mother for 18 years, the product was expensive and manufactured on individual order) and so, in the summer fingers swell, the ring could not be removed, and the earrings removed, after the departure of guests, I lathered my finger and took off the ring and what was my surprise-the earrings were not in the usual place. immediately pozonila friend and showed her, say either you or the one who brought me to my house. in general in a jiffy in a taxi and her setra, together with her friend, caught her off guard, shook out her bag, earrings there. so eta merzota, still began to vyakat that this is her. since then, I did not hide things, but I invite the current of those whom I trust into the house! and with a friend we did not quarrel of course, but her sister was very ashamed!

As something I did not notice, but my husband's bossalways lays out a large amount of money in a prominent place before the arrival of a not very familiar person into the house, and follows him, says that he was catching not one by the hand. With such a position it is difficult to agree, but what proportion of the truth in this is.

Recently there was a case, but with the loss of money) We have 1.5week was a repair from the outside of the house (painted, tiled put), familiar and proven people like, on the last day of work, disappeared 4 tr, the crime was opened hot on the trail for 1 hour, it turned out, one jerk-apprentice came into the house with the purpose to address the need, went into the room, climbed into the purse and pocketed the money, leaving a heap of stains from the white paint on the purse) Everything was fine, but the sediment was left)