Edema from ginipral

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Author: Ksyupusik Status: Newcomer Time: 18:05 Date: 21 Nov 2008

Term 22 weeks, registered ginipral, from = lowplacentation, tone. 3 days I drank 1 / 4tab.2 times a day, since yesterday, i.e. have begun to swell strongly legs .. Today has woken up with legs or foots as at an elephant and with 3 kg of deprived weight. I think that this is a reaction to ginipral. Girls can have someone this was? What else do doctors recommend except ginipral for preserving pregnancy?

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Author: Anonymous Status: anonymous user Time: 18:36 Date: 22 Nov 2008

As soon as she began to take it, went edemas. Physicians scold for extra weight. I think it's from him (((Try drinking diuretic herbs-Brusniver, Toloknyanka, Ortisiphon Staminate.
Or the natural cranberry juice and brussel.

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