In addition to lucentis, can retinal edema be removed

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[13440] Retinal edema
I have type 1 diabetes, I have been going for a long timeOnce a month - once in 3 months laser coagulation. some time ago, vision fell sharply. became foggy, unfocused, muddy. It turned out that retinal edema was formed. For about two years now, it has not passed. for this time exhausted completely, I can not drive a car, work full-fledged, do my favorite things. to read. in general trouble - in one word! The question I have is what methods exist to remove this swelling without surgery and whether it is possible to wear glasses (if I do not see now not in the distance, not near, or even better, sometimes lenses (as there is a need)? Thanks!
Author: Marina Alexandrovna Asked: 03/09/2012 15:56:13

[1] Most likely, in your case it is necessarycarrying out intravitreal injection of lucentis with possible subsequent laser coagulation of the retina for the prevention of recurrence. In addition, it is necessary to normalize the parameters of carbohydrate metabolism (frequent fluctuations in blood glucose level - the first cause of edema of the macula) and blood pressure. Record on the diagnosis and possible surgical treatment - on the site.
Author: moderator Posted on: 04/09/2012 16:18:50