Edema in the thyroid gland

Surgeon-phlebologist-lymphologist, surgeon of the first category

Hello. Help advice in the following situation.
My daughter is 20 years old. She periodically swollen legs. In May 2008 - the first time. We went to the doctor, did all the necessary tests, there was no pathology. After a while, the swelling was asleep. And in early September - again the same picture. On the advice of the doctor began to use a lyoton gel. However, within 2 days of use, no visible changes are observed. The girl has augmented the thyroid gland, is there any connection here? I earnestly ask you to help us with advice, to which doctor to apply and what tests to make. Thankful in advance for any answer.

Ирина, Могилев, Belarus, 47 years old

Thyroid enlargement may be the causeedema. To determine the function of the gland you need to pass tests for hormones T3, TTG, T4. To exclude the pathology of the veins - to do a duplex scan of the veins - it will fully confirm or reject the venous pathology 100%. If it's all right there and there, check your kidneys and your heart.

Sincerely, Elena Belyanina.

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