Mammoplasty swelling

Mammoplasty is an operation to resize. the shape of the chest. Mammaplasty can be of several types:
- Increasing mammoplasty with the help of implants;
- Breast reduction;
- Suspension;
Mammoplasty surgery can be complex. when a woman. eg. increase the breast and at the same time make it a suspender. Besides. this procedure can be to correct the asymmetry of the mammary glands. reconstruction of deformation. decrease the areola of the nipple.
Breast mammaplasty has become very popularprocedure. Every day there are new-fangled mammoplasty clinics. plastic surgeons. But you do not need to keep track of all advertisements. which offer to do mammoplasty quickly and safely. Before deciding on an operation. You need to make sure of the professionalism of the surgeon and the reputation of the clinic. Be sure to consider the number of operations. which the surgeon produced. and see the mammoplasty photo before and after. Find the online mammoplasty forum. read mammoplasty reviews about the surgeon. Professionals always videotape their operations. contact the clinic. to see the mammoplasty video. The operation should be done by the best surgeon for mammoplasty.

What do you need to know about implants?

The shape of modern implants can be round. but can be anatomical. The choice of the shape of the implant depends on the desire of the patient. as well as from the shape of the chest. Surgeons use silicone cohesin gels. characterized by uniform composition. There are implants. which are filled with saline solution. but while driving. there may be a "gurgling" effect. The cost of such implants is an order of magnitude lower. The structure of implants are of several types. textured. smooth.

The bottom line is that. that with the help of silicone implants make the breast more. correct the form. On the photo of mammoplasty before and after you can see how much this procedure is effective.
The implants are filled with silicone gel. hydrogel or saline solution. Indications for the procedure. loss of breast shape after pregnancy. feeding the child. sharp slimming. asymmetry of mammary glands. Another common cause is dissatisfaction with your breast size.

This type of operation involves a changethe shape of the chest. its height. During the operation, the doctor raises the skin of the mammary glands. changes their form. A doctor can ask for a mammoplasty photo. to see the result after the operation.
The most common suspenders are:
• vertical;
• periareolar;
• T - shaped.

This procedure has a number of contraindications:

- presence of tumors in the chest area;
Bad blood clotting;
- venereal diseases ;
- lactation period;
- the presence of diseases. which are in an acute stage.

The essence of this procedure is to reduce the breast. Women with large breasts very often suffer from pain in the spine. Breast after mammoplasty takes on a new shape. If you go to the forum after mammoplasty. then the feedback about the operation suggests that. that it is carried out and according to the doctor's testimony. Mammoreduction is carried out if:
- there is an asymmetry of the breast;
- very large breasts;
- saggy breasts. lack of elasticity.

After the operation, some complications may arise:
- occurrence of fibrous tissues;
- the appearance of pain in the chest;
- the appearance of an inflammatory process in the thoracic region;
- poor healing of sutures;
- edema after mammoplasty.

Rehabilitation after mammoplasty is an important stage. After the procedure the patient should spend a day in the clinic. First, postoperative edema may occur. which will subside within a few weeks. After the operation, any loads are prohibited. Without fail, a woman must wear special compression underwear. A month after the therapy you need to undergo a massage massage. It is performed by a doctor. who conducted the operation. To avoid consequences. it is necessary to visit the doctor every six months after mammoplasty. It is forbidden to visit the sauna and sauna for several months.

The price policy for mammoplasty is different. In some clinics the procedure costs about 100,000 rubles. in other 250 - 300 thousand. What determines the cost of mammoplasty. At first. the price is determined by the cost of the implants. A quality implant costs around 50 thousand rubles. Secondly. the price of an operation depends on the professionalism of the doctor. It happens. that specialist services are very cheap or. on the contrary. very expensive. and at the same time not too high quality. Therefore it is necessary to address to the checked up surgeons. which work in an adequate price regime. Thirdly. the cost of the operation includes the price for anesthesia. dressing. stay in the clinic. All this can cost from 30 to 200 thousand rubles. Mammoplasty in Moscow will cost from 70 thousand rubles. Mammoplasty of St. Petersburg starts from 60 thousand rubles and more.

Compression after mammoplastyis used. so that the breast is held in a certain position. and the seams after mammoplasty did not separate. Such linen prevents stretching of scars. reduces the severity of postoperative pain. improves blood circulation. does not allow the implant to shift. Besides. mammoplasty edema after surgery is less. With augmentation of the breast, wearing such a laundry will help reduce the load from the spine and thoracic area. After the operation, the laundry should be worn for a long time. so his choice must be approached very carefully. The composition must be artificial. natural fibers. elastane. Linen should be pleasant to the touch and unseen under the clothes. The size should be chosen correctly. Underwear should not overtighten the chest. which can lead to a violation of blood circulation. Usually. The compression underwear is selected by the doctor.

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